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Kunming Ethnic Groups

Kunming locals are notable for their hospitality and versatilities: they are unsophisticated, warm-hearted, cheerful and easy-going. Its population is composed of 26 ethnic groups, such as Yi , Hui, Bai, Miao, Naxi, Hani, Zhuang and Dai. Among them, Yi people outnumbers the rest and ranks as the biggest minority group living here. Torch Festival, the grandest celebration of Yi Nationality, is a highlight gracing each June 24th (lunar month).

Bai people, who are famous for folk architecture, Three Course Tea and March Street Fair, also thrive here.
bai nationality
Bai people

So do Miao people and Naxi people. Miao people mainly live in Guizhou, Hunan and Guangxi. They mainly live in Kaili, Guizhou province. Famous Miao Villages include Xijiang Miao Village, Shidong Miao Village, Zhouxi Miao Village, Langde Shangzhai, Shiqiao Miao Village and Basha Miao Village. Miao celebrate a multitude of festivals, such as Miao New Year, Sisters’ Meal Festival, Miao Dragon Boat Festival and Guzang Festival. Miao silver ornaments, embroidery and batik are very famous also.
miao nationality
Miao Nationality

Naxi people can also be found in the Old Town of Lijiang. Known as the middlemen along the Tea-horse Road, they are notable for the integrity. They created the famous Dongba culture, Baisha mural and Naxi ancient music. Famous towns of Naxi people include the Old Town of Lijang and Baisha Ancient Town. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is their holy mountain, which is the abode of San Duo, their protection God. Famous Naxi festivals include Bangbang Meeting.
baisha mural
Baisha Mural of Naxi people

These ethnicities influence each other, yet still cling to the timeworn tradition and heritage. The result is the coexistence of various unique lifestyles, customs, art and culture.

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