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Jingdezhen Travel Guide | Ceramic Capital of China

Jingdezhen is a world-renowned capital of porcelain. The old pronunciation of Jingdezhen, Chang'nan, is similar to the articulation of China. This is also said to be one of the origins of the name of China. This is always the great honor of local people of Jingdezhen.

Jingdezhen as one of four great towns in China is equally famous with Foshan of Guangdong Province, Hankou of Hubei Province and Zhuxianzhen of Henan Province. Jingdezhen is also one of the 24 historic and cultural cities in the first-group cities that The State Council announced. Jingdezhen directly administrates one city, one county and two districts, that is, Leping city as a county-level city, Fuliang County, Zhushan District and Changjiang District with the total area of 5,256 square kilometers.

Jingdezhen is an essential part of Poyang Lake Ecological and Economic Zone, and also a famous and important historic and cultural city featured by its natural ecology. Jingdezhen has a long history of porcelain production, besides the quality of these porcelains is very wonderful, so it has a wide influence. To some extent,

Porcelain Capital

has become the calling card of Jingdezhen. Up to 2007, Jingdezhen has been awarded the honorable titles of China’s Wonderful Tourist City, China’s Ecological Garden City and China’s Civilized and Sanitary City. The city flower of Jingdezhen is camellia and the city tree is camphor tree.

In the ancient times, Jingdezhen belonged to Chu Kingdom in the time of Spring and Autumn period, and belonged to Jiujiang administrative zone of Qin Dynasty. During the time of Tang dynasty, it was renamed Changnan. During the time of Song dynasty, the town produced the high-quality porcelains, so the Emperor royally named it Jingdezhen, even today. 

 diversity of porcelain in Jingdezhen

This is the sign of an age that China was far and mysterious. Gazing at these miraculous masterpieces, you may imagine what a great time it was!  Visiting Jingdezhen, you may think what a great destination it is! Expriencing more in the hometown of china, you may think what is China! Jingdezhen as the ceramic origin, is always one of the best places to help you with discovering.  


Ceramic Honor

Since the period of Han Dynasty, Jingdezhen has had the ceramic industry. Up to now, it has more than 2000 years of history. Traditionally, Jingdezhen was titled Ceramic Capital. Porcelain of Jingdezhen has a beautiful shape, various types, rich decorations and unique styles. It is worldwide famous for its color as white jade, brightness as bright mirror, thinness as paper and sound as music. Qinghua Porcelain, Linglong Porcelain, Fengcai Porcelain and Seyou Porcelain altogether are called Four Traditionally Famous Porcelains in Jingdezhen.

Zheng He’s Occidental Adventure and Porcelain of Jingdezhen

As per the historical record, Chinese porcelains especially these made in Jingdezhen were warmly and widely welcomed by ancient Southeast Asian people, Arabic people, African people and European people. In 1405, Zheng He started his seven occidental adventures by fleets and took a large batch of porcelains, most of which was from Jingdezhen. His oceanic travel and exchange largely spread the reputation in the world and also promoted the international business of porcelains of Jingdezhen. His oceanic travel actually stimulated the fast spread of Chinese Qinghua Porcelain. After that, a lot of overseas fleets or ships came to Quanzhou of China and sent staff to Jingdezhen and Hangzhou for buying porcelains and others. Besides, a lot of Chinese big businessmen also sold porcelains overseas. The famous businessmen Zheng Longzhi, who had hundreds of business ships and thousands of seamen, used to stock many types of porcelain and shipped overseas for selling. Currently, the world-famous Oceanic Silk Road is to a great degree a ceramic road. It is also the ancient international road for porcelain business.

National Present and Jingdezhen Porcelain

After the foundation of People’s Republic of China, two special batches of porcelains were made for Chairman Mao and APEC Meeting of Shanghai. In 1951, some special porcelain themed with the stories of Heroes of The Marshes were made in Jingdezhen as the national presents to Stalin of Former Soviet Union, and later the porcelain were preserved by Russian National Museum. In 1970, Deng Xiaoping served as Vice-Premier of China presented Qinghua Porcelain of Jingdezhen to Crown Prince of Japan and Japanese Premier. In 1972, during the time of Nixon’s visit to China, Chinese premier Zhou Enlai presented the Ceramic Dishware made in Jingdezhen. In 2002, during the time of Chinese ex-president Jiang Zemin visit to the United States, he presented Gorge W. Bush, the ex-president of U.S.A, the ceramic dishware made in Jingdezhen. From these records, we can imagine how great the porcelain made in Jingdezhen is!
The Ceramic Models of Zheng He's Fleets For Occidental AdventureChairman Mao's Chinaware

The Ceramic Models of Zheng He's Fleets For Occidental Adventure

Chairman Mao's Chinaware, which used to be exclusively used by Chairman Mao

The ceramic gifts Mr. Jiang Zeming, ex-president of China,presented Bush who was the ex-president of U.S.ATeaware made of Qinghua Porcelain

The ceramic gifts Mr. Jiang Zemin, ex-president of China,presented Bush who was the ex-president of U.S.A

Qinghua Ceramic Teaware Made in Jingdezhen

Qinghua Ceramic Vase Qinghua ceramics

Qinghua Ceramic Vase Made in Jingdezhen

Qinghua Dishware Made in Jingdezhen


Ancient Ceramic Kilns

Ancient Kiln Site in West Suburb is located on the west side of Porcelain Avenue on the west outskirt of Jingdezhen, and it is an important part of Jingdezhen Historical Exhibition Zone together with Jingdezhen Historical Museum of Porcelain. Currently it has been one of the important tourist areas of Jingdezhen. Ancient Kiln Site of Hutian is a famous kiln site that used for producing the most delicate porcelains in ancient time, had the longest time to be the porcelain-making center and was the largest scale kiln at the time of China’s Song and Yuan Dynasties. In 1982, it was ranked the second batch of cultural relics under the state-level protection. Many other hot destinations for tour are Jingdezhen International Porcelain Exhibition (this exhibition is duly operated by the local authority; there is an international porcelain exhibition center to massively show the culture of porcelain), China’s Porcelain Town (a large-scale base for porcelain exchange), China’s Porcelain Garden of Changnan, Jingdezhen Porcelain Hall, Porcelain Street and so on. Generally speaking, this is a city strongly characterized by porcelain culture and history.


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