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Jiaxing Travel Guide


 Bird's eye  Scene of Urban Area of Jiaxing


If we have a large world map in hands and look at the eastern China section, we will clearly see a place called Jiaxing on the southeast coast of the country and it is in the middle of the Yangtze River Delta. Jiaxing is well-known in China as “the hometown of rice and fish and the kingdom of clothes and quilts” This city has a total area of about 3915 sq. km with a population of 37 million. Shanghai to the east, Suzhou to the north, Hangzhou to the west and seeing the Hangzhou Bay on the south. 


Jiaxing is the origin of lower reaches the Yangtze River's culture. As early as 7000 years ago there was a New Stone Age civilization, which was one of the cradles of the Chinese nation. A land of plenty and a city of silk since ancient time, Jiaxing has been a place of cultural importance, many China's past and modern famous scientists and men of letter were born here. Nowadays Jiaxing has much tourism resource with tidal wave, lakes, rivers and sea sightseeing spots that are well-known throughout the world.


Jiaxing is an important harbor in Zhejiang, Zapu in the city is also a medium sized port in China. This is combined the functions of river and sea ports. 10-ton berths are available here too, so that Jiaxing harbor can handle up to 15 million tons of cargo each year. The Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant of world-class technology is also located in Jiaxing. The generated electrical energy of the power plant is 100 million kilowatt per hour. This productivity is ranked just after the Yangtze Three Gorges hydropower station.


Jiaxing’s traffic is convenient. Shanghai and Hangzhou is its neighbor cities which not far from it. There are Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport in the range of 100km from Jiaxing. The Hu-Hang (Shanghai-Hangzhou) Expressway and the bridge crossing the Hangzhou Bay are both passed by Jiaxing.


The most important is that Jiaxing is a spotlight in China tour. The natural, scenic attractions and humanistic scenery get together on good term. There are many old towns such as Wuzhen, Nanxun and Xitang in Jiaxing too. These old towns are full of early Chinese cultures which play an important part in China tour. Jiaxing also is a good place to view the Qiangtang River tidewater which is famous around the world.


the attractive scene of Jiaxing






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