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Jiaxing Food---Shaomei and Jingfentou


Jingfentou Vermicelli Steamed Shaomei Dumplings (烧卖) and Jingfentou Vermicelli (京粉头) are two common snacks in Haining. Imagine that you are strolling along the street, and pondering which restaurant to choose, at that moment, a fragrant smell wafts to your nose, and accidentally your appetite is revived. This is the very magic power of the two snacks. The definition of the Shaomei is properly the steamed dumplings with dough gathered at the top. Generally speaking, Shaomei is always stuffed with meat, winter bamboo shoots and leeks. If the Shaomei is too watery, you can add some frozen flour wrappers to the stuffing, in this way, when the Shaomei is steamed on the bamboo steamer, the water could vaporize at once. Meanwhile, the savor of the bamboo shoots and leeks come out thoroughly.



As to Jingfentou, a bowl of boiling hot mung bean-made vermicelli, over sprinkled some small shallot pieces and shredded pig’s lung, simple but actually makes you mouth watering. The cooking method is also easy to learn, you may cook it for your family at your home.



Steamed Shaomei DumplingsSteamed Shaomei Dumplings


















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