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Internet in China



The first connection of China with the Internet was established in September 20, 1987 between ICA in Beijing and Karlsruhe University in Germany, under the leadership of Professor Werner Zorn and Professor Wang Yunfeng. In the same year, China implemented the X.25 low speed Internet cable. From 1988 to 1994, the Internet in China was mainly used for electronic mails exchanges by some scientific research institutions with their Western counterparts. With the introduction of many high tech network facilities in the 1990s, China's Internet has been developed very fast since then. In May 1994, China was officially entered the World Wide Web (WWW) and in the following year, a seabed cable was connected to the outside world that Chinese people could visit the worldwide network directly. In the past this was only possible through satellite connections.




According to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)'s 19th Statistical Survey Report on The Internet Development in China, the number of Internet users has reached 137 million in December 2006, of which the broadband users became the majority, counted to 90.7 million. This represents 11% of Internet users in the world. Although mainland China has the second largest Internet population, its penetration of 9.9% lags far behind nations like the US and Japan.


In mainland China the old-fashioned universal public dialup access can be available in most cities. The price of broadband connections is getting down, so there are more and more Chinese people like to subscribe broadband services at their home.



Internet cafes are widely available in China's big cities. There are high quality Internet cafes with smooth connections in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou. In most hotels of 3-star and above, Internet access is available in either hotel rooms or business centers or both. But this is not necessarily the case when you are traveling in small towns in remote area. Wireless Internet access, either on PCs or in mobile phones becomes more popular in China nowadays.





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