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Four Quintessential Styles of Huizhou Sculptures


Wood carving, brick carving, stone carving and bamboo carving are the best style or essences of Huizhou sculptures. The carving style, technique level and art influence affect China’s traditional sculpture too much. This is the gem of Chinese carving shown via the Huizhou-style architectures, which influence deeply the architectural style of the east China. The houses decorated with the elaborate carvings have been the valuable art works.

Why they are so famous and largely built? The reasons are: firstly. The traditional ideology or thought in China deeply rooted in each person’s heart and mind. Excellent people in study should be the high officials to administrate the whole country better. Excellent people in business management should come back for honoring their family and ancestry. Generally they would delicately expand their houses with the best style and materials to show their family are prosperity and powerfulness, moreover they used to buy a large amount of farmland. People who were lucky in business and royal examination would redecorate or reconstruct their family Ancestry Memorial Temple to show they were not losing faces for their family. Hence the family memorial temples usually are the best architectures in all the family houses. Perhaps that is also the reason for why China was failed in capital accumulation for modern industrial development in modern history. Secondly Huizhou is located in southern Anhui. During the time of Ming and Qing Dynasties this area was teemed with bamboo, wood, tea and four essences in book house.

The art charm of Huizhou ancient architectures is fully shown via its architectural spare and architectural decoration. Mainly built in brick and wood, the Huizhou-style house has experienced several-hundred natural and human destruction. Both in architecture and aesthetics, the strong life power not only shows the wisdom and greatness of Huizhou people but the gems of world architectural art. The carvings generally show the traditional meaning, mostly are auspicious and harmonious. Most images are from imagination but written or spoken in fairytales or the common poultries such as chicken, duck, goose, pig, horse, cow and sheep and so on. The images of fairytales include: dragon, phoenix, qiling, and so on. Besides some auspicious symbols such as tiger, lion, elephant, turtles and so on. They also choose some scenic landscape as the model for carving such as the pine trees, the odd stones, peonies, bamboos and moon and so on. Or some daiily activities are aslo accepted as the vision of sculpture.  All the images are mostly showing the tradition of China.










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