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Hong Kong Travel tips


Travel Tips of Hong Kong 

Hong Kong Dollar (HK$). But there are many banks and money changes. Credit cards are also widely accepted especially Visa and MasterCard. But then some smaller stores require a minimum purchase before you can "put it on plastic". And some shops actually charge you a few percent more for using credit card. The exchange rate is about US$ 1=HK$ 7.8. There are ATMs throughout the city where you can get cash either from your credit card or even from your own bank account using your bank card. Some shops or supermarkets may also accept RMB Yuan nowadays.

Useful telephone numbers.
Emergency: 999 (ambulance, fire and the police). Directory Assistance: 1081 (English). Making a collect call: 10010.

220 Volts 50 Hz is the standard in Hong Kong. 220V means that most U.S. and Japanese electrical appliances will get fried if you don't connect the proper transformers to it first. They are available on Ap Liu Street in Sham Shui Po, Kowloon; or some AV shops in Central, Hong Kong Island.

Owing to the English tradition, most restaurants and hotels automatically tag on to the bill a 10% service charge. Small restaurants may not have a 10% charge, but a 2% tip is still accepted practice. One place that you need to get prepared with some coins to tip with is the hotel bathroom but not the one in your own room.

WC systems.
The restrooms are quite hygienic in Hong Kong and can easily be accessible. Almost all restaurants have toilet inside with some providing toilet paper.

Mind your head!
Owing to the land resources in Hong Kong, high-rise buildings are throughout the town and many shop signs or logos are hung low above the pedestrian way. If your height is over 1.8 m, beware and bow!

Heavy rains
are common in the city especially during spring and summer, so an umbrella or a raincoat is a must. If rainstorm happens, don't go out and stay indoor until the rain is stopped.

Bring your jacket or coat there even in the summer heat to deal with the intense cold in some air-conditioned shopping malls or restaurants. By contrast, Hong Kong's winter is often mild and you don't need to bring too many clothes.

off the tap is supposed to be very clean in Hong Kong, but few locals drink it directly without boiled. Many hotel rooms provide boilers.

Avoid buying cooked food from hawkers pushing a little cart
and only eat seafood that is thoroughly cooked, especially shellfish.

However, rare or medium beefsteaks (imported) are often considered save especially in posh steakhouses.

Stairs in Hong Kong
could sometimes be hazardous that the steps are not as wide as those found in Western countries, so climb them with a sober mind!

Always keep an eye on your belongings
. Sometimes thefts work in teams and even involving a vehicle to suddenly stop in front of you while someone else does the lifting.

Watch out for how much the taxi-driver charges you. A relatively small number of them either tricking the metre, going the longer way or covering up the decimal point of the fare on it. The safe thing is to know how much it should cost (charges for per kilometre and luggage are all posted inside), and also get a receipt from the driver.

Hong Kong has a good name of "shopping paradise" for which is relatively low imported product revenue, but don't buy electronic products without marked prices. Some shops selling electronic products don't display the prices on the items. At first they give you an unbelievably good price, and then after they have your money, they say they are out of stock, offering you another item but at an outrageous price.

Be mistakenly seen as illegal immigrants or overstayers
. Be sure to bring your passport in your pocket. It is required by law in Hong Kong for everyone to carry either one's Hong Kong ID card or passport, police officers will routinely stop people on the street to check for ID. Don't mind for that, it's perhaps for you to protect your passport from thieves.

To see and sense, you can enjoy an unforgettable trip in Hong Kong, all the goodies and surprises are waiting for you to discover in your itinerary. And you are having a lot to tell when you return! Should you require any further information of Hong Kong or travel assistance to and in Hong Kong,
Thank you!

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