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Hexigten World Geopark

Hexigten World Geopark 
Among the picturesque grasslands of Inner Mongolia, Hexigten grassland is the one that closest to Beijing and has the reputation of “the backyard of Beijing” because of its astonishing scenery of spring and summer flowers as well as autumn trees and winter sonwflakes. However the Quaternary Moulins and the Granite Landforms and Structures are the dominated features of this 5000-square-kilometer preserved area of Hexigten World Geopark located in Hexigten Banner, Chifeng City. 10 types of landforms and sceneries of great geographical significance can be found in the geopark: Glacial Landforms, Granite Landforms, Volcanic Landforms, hot springs, valleys, lakes, rivers, wetlands, mine beds and sand landscapes. Hexigten is on the joint zone of Asian Plate and Siberian Plate and where the Inner Mongolia Plateau, the Greater Khingan Mountain Range and Yanshan Mountain Range formed. The unique geographic location and the complex tectogenesis have created a magic diversity of landforms and scenery, stunning mountains, surprising rocks, beautiful rivers and lakes, dense forests,just name a few. More importantly, with the nicknames of “the Golden Delta in North of the Great Wall”, this is also a place where culture bursts within the amazing landscapes.

Grassland of Hexigten World Geopark
Hexigten World Geopark is divided into 4 parks according to their different landforms and scenery: Asihatu Park, Huanggangliang Park, Dalinuoer Park and Qingshan Park.
Asihatu Park
Asihatu is a word from Mongolia language which means “steep rocks” implying the rock scenery there. Located in the north of Hexigten World Geopark on a mountain range, Asihatu is decorated with rare granite landforms--- the Asihatu Stones. It’s both a natural museum of the wind erosion rocks and a wonderful sightseeing resort. The highest temperature in summer is usually below 25℃ which makes the park a cool summer resort and in the late summer days and autumn days, the scenery is so beautiful that attracts lots of backpackers and photographers who often stay in the Mongolian yurts of the local people for a few days, enjoying their folk food and drinks as well as the Mongolia dance and songs around a bonfire.
 Asihatu Stones
 Facts of Huanggangliang Park
1 The main peak of the Greater Khingan Mountain Range-Huanggang Peak (2036 m)-is located right smack dab in the center of Huanggangliang Park.
2 The Quaternary Glacial Landforms are well preserved there.
3 The park is in the overlapping zone of Mongolia plants species and northern China ones with a great diversity of animals and plants.
4 Staying in the birch cabins in the dense forests is really a wonderful adventure if you visit this park.
 Facts of Dalinuoer Park
1 Dalinuoer Lake is the second largest inland lake in Inner Mongolia to the northwest of which a group of fantastic volcanoes outcrops in the vast land.
2 It’s often cool and rainy in summer when the heat of the sun can be blew away by the lake wind however sun cream is needed.
3 Hunshandake, the rainbow-color kingdom,  is a must-go in autumn with its colorful leaves falling off the beautiful sparse trees.
4 Winters are cold, very cold. Hunting in the Dali Lake is a nice try which makes the modern hunters more like local villagers from ancient times when people hunted for food.
Facts of Qingshan Park
1 It's located in the east of the Hexigten World Park.
2 The granite landforms you see now were actually formed 0.1 billion years ago. Through those long long days, they have been reshaped again and again by the wind, the sunshine, the rain, and the time.
3 Summers and autumns are the best time to witness the stunning little round or oval pools in the stone. Because it's too cold to go in spring and winter.
4 There are more than 200 those little pools.
Transpotation Tips:
Hexigten World Geopark is located to the north of Beijing. There are night trains from Beijing to Chifeng City which take about 9 hours.

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