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Harbin Travel Tips

The following Harbin travel tips contains transportation, specialty and detailed tips for your Harbin tours.

►Harbin transportaion:
Flights: Harbin Taiping International Airport is the second largest international airport in Northeast Region. It is located in the west suburb of Harbin, and nearly all flights to other large domestic cities are available. 

Railway: Harbin is the second largest railway hub inferior to Shenyang(沈阳) in northeast China, many trains to Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other different cities with different sizes are all available. 

Highway: Dozens of long-haul bus routines or highways connecting to many main towns and close cities. 

►Harbin Specialty:

Harbin Hongchang, Harbin Specialty

Hongchang(红肠):Lidaosi Hongchang(里道斯红肠) and Roulian Hongchang(肉联红肠) of Nangang Qiulin(南岗秋林) are the most typical representatives of Harbin Hongchang.Lidaosi Hongchang is acceptably bought in Qiulin or Qiulin Shoppe. There are massive shops or markets selling such a special local product and the tastes are also different actually sold in different markets. 

Dalieba, Harbin specialty

Dalieba(大列巴):"Lieba" is the transliteration of "bread" in Russian. It is quite common in Harbin and available in Qiulin Store and other shops.

Wild and natural products:The Local Products in Harbin also include diversity of wild and natural products such as agarics, mushroom, hazel, peanut, pine-nut and others, also the ginseng and deer-related products are also valued in local area. And these local products are sold in diversity of markets and shops. 

Russian souvenirs:Many Russian souvenirs are also available in Harbin such as coffee, telescope and so on. They are generally sold in Russian Folk Business Market and Central Avenue. 

1) Travelers can purchase the warmth-keeping clothes such as wool-made clothes in Harbin. It is not only cheap but also useful for cold resistance. Besides, never forget to carry cap, scarf and gloves. 

2)The temperature difference between inside of house and outside of house is sharp, so travelers may easily catch cold, and then some medicine concerned should be carried. 

3)In winter, it is dry except cold. Lips are easily chapped. So some lipsticks should be carried. 

4) Harbin in a very low temperature, the shutter of camera maybe can not be opened for being frozen, so it is better to take the professional camera and meanwhile taking notice of the warmth keeping of the camera. 

5) If you are luckily invited to live with local people, you can try having dinner on the Kang(炕, the special building inside the house of northern China, generally people can sit on it and enjoy dinner, furthermore in winter, it can be kept warming via burning firewood or coal in the kiln of the Kang). It is very interesting. If you want to sleep on the Kang, you had better drink more water and fruits after you get up.

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