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Zhiweiguan Traditional Restaurant

Zhiweiguan Restaurant (at the lakeside of Yanggong Causeway)
Zhiweiguan Zhiweiguan Restaurant was founded in 1913 in Hangzhou. "People stop their sedans because of knowing its taste and dismount from their horses when smell its fragrance"and "if you want to know (Zhi) my (restaurant's) taste (Wei), just see (Guan) the ingredients of my choice"are the main spirits of the restaurant as well as to provide the meaning of its name; and "quality is above all with excellent service"is always its business philosophy. Hangzhou's well-known traditional dishes and snacks such as West Lake Vinegar Fish, Dragon Well Tea Shrimp, Beggar's Chicken, West Lake's Water Shield Soup, Zhiweiguan's Steamed Buns, Cat's Ear Noodles and Dingsheng Cakes are loved so much by locals and visitors. Zhiweiguan's Yanggong Causeway restaurant is located at Yanggong Causeway besides the West Lake. You can enjoy the good taste of traditional Chinese snacks while viewing at the fair scenery of the lake.

On the 80th anniversary of its founding in 1993, it was awarded the title of Chinese Time-honored Brand by the state, praised as Hangzhou's Quality Restaurant for Foreign Travelers in 1997 by the tourism authority and honored as Zhejiang Province's Famous Brand in 1998; thus Zhiweiguan has become one of the best restaurants in Hangzhou and stood out as a model in the F & B business in China.

Location: No. 83, Renhe Road, Hangzhou (Head Office)

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