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Legend of Ji Gong

The image of Ji Gong, a mad monk who had the magics  and deep undrstanding on sutra Immortal Buddha Ji Gong, a legendry character, was widely known among the civilians in Hangzhou for hundreds of years. The image of Ji Gong in local people's mind was wearing the broken caps of monk and broken cassock and holding broken fan. He did not look like monk or commoner but the madman. He spoke humorously and had the powerful theurgy, and he liked focusing on unjust things in the world but he was deeply loved by the public.

It is said that Ji Gong became a monk at Linyin Temple at the age of 18, but he never abided by the rules and principles, and he liked drinking and eating dog meat, subsequently, he turned to the Jingci Temple as an amanuensis monk. On one occasion, the fire destroyed the main hall of Jingci Temple, the abbot turned to him for the big wood for restoring that hall, after he slept for three days because of overdrinking, he shouted at :"the wood is here, take it from well, the wood really effused from the well of temple continually until the woods were enough for rebuilding the hall. Nowadays, there is a Shenmu Well in Jingci Temple. One day, Ji Gong predicted there would be a hill flying to the front of Linyin Temple, for the sake of saving the villagers ,he took the measure of looting bride to take the villages away from their houses and eventually avoided happening of disaster. This is the story illustrating the origin of Peak Flying-From-Afar.

Undoubtedly, the anecdotes and folklores in Hangzhou were innumerable; each part of its corners may conceal a story or a legend. In the past 2000 years, the stories happened and remained in the records of peoples' mouths and memory and passed down from one generation to another. It is really an encyclopedical records with all diversities of stories and romance probably happen nowadays and connected closely with ordinary people's daily lives. A classical story could be widely known for it reflect and meet the grassroots' needs, pleasure and leisure faithfully in some way. We are sure you will be attracted totally by its history, romance, culture and so many moving stories if you are really interested in China, especially its culture and history.

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