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Lady White Snake

 The Peking Opera Still of Lady White Snake Performed by Zhang Huoding who is a famous opera  peformer There are many legendary stories happened in Hangzhou, "Lady White Snake" is one of the most popular folk tales. We could find it in many local dramas such as Yueju, Kunqu, Chuanju and Beijing opera, In some Chinese classical literatures, it is also could be read, for instance in Sanyan Erpai written by Feng Menglong and Ling Mengchu. It is expanded in china extensively. The story moved Chinese from generation to generation.

The episode is the stormy love affair between the loyal heroine Lady White Snake and her emotionally but fainthearted husband. Taking the shapes of two women, White Snake and Green Snake toured on the West Lake. There they met Xu Xian on the Broken Bridge in a rainy day, whom White Snake fell in love with and married shortly, on the one hand, she would like to repay an obligation for Xu Xian saved her from a hunter several generations ago with the help of Kwan-yin; on the other hand, she truly loved this average man for his honesty and kind-heartedness. After they married, they set up a drugstore named Baohe Tang, which nowadays has been the national preserve, for stopping the human from the disease. On a May Festival, Xu offered an herb drink, Liuhuangjiu, to White Snake. Resisting the effect of the herb in vain, White Snake turned back to a snake, which shocked Xu to death. For saving his husband, she tried her best to turn to for help all through the earth and heaven. After many sufferings and setbacks, she succeeded in saving her husband. Later, she was imprisoned in Leifeng Tower until her child, Xu Shilin, who was a nationwide top examinee in the imperial examination, came to this tower and requested the god for helping him to save his mother.

This is a love story but also a family story, basically reflecting the folk wishes. This is the main ideas of this romantic story which to some extent indicates Chinese people's sentiment and thinking. In Ten Scenes of the West Lake, there are two scenic spots, that is, Leifeng Pagoda in Evening Glow and Lingering Snow on the Broken Bridge. You will have distinctive understanding towards these scenic spot from before on condition that you know these legendary stories and the background culture.


Traditional painting on Xu Xian and Lady White's Blind Date in Qingbomen when it was raining

Inserted picture of storybook themed with the scene that Xu Xian and Lady White's bland date in Qingbomen, a river port of ancient Hangzhou, when it was raining. And Mr. Xu positively invited Lady White and Lady Green Snake to enter his leased boat for sheltering  

The classical still of TV plays, New Story of Lady White, which was  made in Hangzhou by Hong Kong Directors in 1990s


This is the most classical TV play series named Lady White in China, although it was made by Hong Kong Director. At the time of its first performance, it was unprecedentedly welcomed and unbelievably popular in China, and numerous watchers were deeply moved. It is the classical and unforgettable when the story of Lady White is mentioned.
this the still of TV play series named Lady White created in Mainland China


This is a new TV play series named Lady White Snake. It is not so famous as the former one made by Hong Kong director. But at least it shows the other side of beauty of this story.  


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