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Humanistic Hangzhou



Hangzhou as the southern center of Chinese leisure city and the famous world traveling city , is not only widely known for his long history and culture but also for his atmosphere which is suitable for human to enjoy the happiness and amusement of life.


Hangzhou in other angle is also famous for its produce of silk and tea other than the welcome and popular Shaoxing opera and romantic stories. Its ancient culture is always accompanied with beautiful love stories. For leisure, we could taste the fragrant and sweet West Lake Longjin Tea in a traditional tea garden with the Chinese-style architecture near to the West Lake, when the suave wind from the West Lake softens your surroundings and relax your soul. You will find you will be qualified to talk with the ancient sages face-to-face and heart-to-heart. Moreover, you will find you have been elegant in mind, refined in character and self-effacement in interpersonal communication or humanness. It is really the appreciation or inebriation when you are staying the quietness that the personalized mountains and waters of Hangzhou gift. The paradise and eastern philosophy in China are both centralized in such area which in numerous traditional scholars'mind, is the center of the spirit of Chinese culture. Unassailably, nearly have all the noted learners or celebrities visited this holy land. Wangxingji Fans are famous as the elegant Hangzhou fan in the Song Dynasty. It includes 15 categories, in which the black paper fans and sandalwood fan are the most famous. In traditional China, we could find in the drama or old essays that the literators or gentlemen were always carrying a paper fan on which they wrote their own or their best poems or essays in their own calligraphy or painted their own wonderland in imagination. By way of the fans we could judge this person's morality and self-cultivation in mind and education.


In romantic story illustrating the cheesy and versatile talent Tang Bohu who was the most renowned literator in Ming Dynasty to be a polite and talented gentleman with a valuable fan, and in folklore, the elders often describe the emperor Qian Long as a well-learned and romantic lord who liked secretly traveled the southern places of Yangtze River but never carried one penny. He created a lot of romantic love stories in this land flowing with milk and honey meanwhile also caused many interesting and embarrassing things, for instance, one day he visited in Hangzhou personally and he took a fancy to a painting, then he told the shopkeeper that he wanted to take it, after the detailed description was finished by the keeper, Qian Long said "Ok", then he took the painting and went without paying any money. The shopkeeper surprised and asked him for money, this emperor also felt surprised and angry and said :"money? Sorry, I am never carrying money by myself.", and then the surrounding people laughed aloud at his words. Qaing Long felt embarrassed and said I am willing to exchange your painting with my paper fan. Firstly that keeper did not trust the worthiness of his fan, but later the keeper found the signature of Qian Long, then he found the person before him was his most respectable emperor.


The other places for amusement include Hangzhou Brocade, West Lake Parasols, Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors, Silk Specialty Street of Xinhua Road (China Silk Town), Xinyifang Food and Leisure, Wulin Business Circle, Sijiqing Garment Street, Street at Wushan Road, History and Culture Street at Qinghefang and so on. Frankly speaking, thanks to its time-honored history and culture, where we visit in Hangzhou, we also could unexpectedly find the beauty and charm from nature and humanism. Come here, try it, and enjoy it! 




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