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How to get to Hangzhou

An hour from Shanghai, a historic jewel goes five-star: One of top 2011 destinations by New York Times
qianjiang new city

Qianjiangxincheng----New Business Center in Hangzhou


Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang Province, as a famous tourist city in China, its gorgeous pagodas, historic temples and lush gardens have been inspiring Chinese poets and painters for centuries and attracts tourists from all the world now. Meanwhile, the feverish growth of Shanghai has sparked the rediscovery of Hangzhou as a peaceful retreat. Recently, when West Lake became a world heritage site in China, you might be interested  in having a  Hangzhou Travel.

How to get to Hangzhou?

Studying, working or traveling, no matter what kind of purpose bring you to Hangzhou; it’s really very convenient for you get here by any transportation.

Arrive in  Hangzhou By Plane

Hangzhou International Airport( IATA code:HGH ICAO code:ZSHC) is the only civil aviation airport in Hangzhou. With the development of Zhejiang’s economy, it becomes the third largest airport in the Yangtse Delta and one of top ten airports in China.
It locates in the Xiaoshan District which is in the south of Qiantang River, and 27 km to the downtown area. At present, it runs 126 domestic and international flights, which connects 59 cities, including 13 international cities (e.g. Seoul, Busan,Sydney, Bangkok, Poedji, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur,New Delhi, Addis Ababa and Frankfurt), and almost all the main cities in China (e.g. Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Macau etc.), which you can choose any of them as your arrival city and it is easy for you to transfer to Hangzhou.
After you arrive in the airport, you can take airport shuttle to Hangzhou city:
07:30 — 09:30  every 30mins 
09:30 — 17:00  every 15mins
17:00 — 21:00  every 20mins
After 21:00       every 30mins
stations: Hangzhou Railway Station, Hangzhou Metro Park hotel,Plane Ticket office in Wulinmen(Wulin Square after 21:00)
For more information about Hangzhou International Airport,please check:
Tel: +86 571-8666 2404

Arrive in Hangzhou By Train

There are three railway sations in Hangzhou: Hangzhou Railway Station, Hangzhou Southern Railway Station and HangZhou East Railway Station. 

If you take your international flight to Shanghai, currently the super high speed railway from Shanghai to Hangzhou makes it much more efficient than ever. There are 80 MU Trains operated everyday between Shanghai and Hangzhou, including 50 high-speed railways (starting with “G”) and 30 ordinary ones (starting with “D”).It sets 7 stations between Hangzhou and Shanghai:Hongqiao, Song Jiang Nan, Jin Shan Bei, Jia Shan Nan, Tong Xiang,  Yu Hang and Hangzhou Railway Station or Hangzhou Southern Railway Sation(in Xiaoshan District) . And you can buy tickets on the automatic ticket-selling machines in these stations. The train with the highest speed only needs 55 minutes from Shanghai to Hangzhou. Therefore,as for visitors from Shanghai to Hangzhou, it’s more convenient  than taking the flight.

If you  take your international flight to Beijing, you can choose to transfer to Hangzhou by plane or by railway.Train infromation fom Beijing Southern Railway Station to Hangzhou Railway Station:

Train   Number   Departure TimeArrive Time

     Tick    Price (CNY )                  

First Class Seat            1163
Second Class Seat        728 
G3309:33 am04:09pmFirst Class Seat             987
Second Class Seat        618
G3511:05 am05:24pmFirst Class Seat            1138
Second Class Seat        712
G3714:05 am08:34pmFirst Class Seat            1163
Second Class Seat         728
G3916:26 am10:45pm  First Class Seat            1140
Second Class Seat        713

Hangzhou East Railway Station which is under reconstruction will be accomplished in June, 2012. At that time, a traffic hub with various transportation including high speed railway, subway, magnetic suspension will be formed. And taking train, you will arrive in Hangzhou in an hour from Nanjing, 36 minutes from Ningbo, 38minutes from Shanghai. 

super high-speed train

Arrive in Hangzhou By Bus
If you are in the cities near Hangzhou, such as Suzhou, Shanghai,Wuxi, Jiaxing, you also can take bus to get to Hangzhou,usually less than 3 hours. 

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