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Hangzhou Top-Ten Shopping Destinations

Hangzhou boasts another Chinese "shopping paradise". The city offers a superb collection of local crafts, rare arts and other souvenirs.
Qinghefang Street, one of the most famous historic streets in Hangzhou, reflects features of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). Most preserved buildings are from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Strolling on this street, you will be attracted by the antique buildings and local crafts, such as silk parasols, brocades, noted Zhang Xiaoquan scissors and Hangzhou fans.

Yan'an Road is considered the Number One Street in Hangzhou. Three-thousand-meter-long Yanan Road running between the north and south sections of Hangzhou has become the city's commercial center. Along the road are included the grand buildings of the Zhejiang Provincial Great Hall of the People, Hangzhou Culture Center, Victory Theatre, International Mansion, Hangzhou Department Store, Hangzhou Grand Hotel, and Haifeng Western Restaurant. Bordering the north end of Yanan Road is Wulin Square, the new center of culture and commerce where towers and skyscrapers are springing up, including Hangzhou Telecom Building, Zhejiang Provincial Exhibition Hall, Hangzhou Shopping Center, Hangzhou Theatre, and Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Museum.

Hangzhou Silk Town is one of the new tourism lines called as "Picturesque South Yangtze and Landscape of Zhejiang". The street block is the heart and the golden calling card of the ancient and historical Silk City Hangzhou. It is located at the area between Fengqi Road on the south and Tiyuchang Road on north, Xinhua Road on the east and Jiankang Western Road on the west with length of 1150m and area of about 25,000 sq.m, the area is the center of tourism city Hangzhou. The architectures on the street are of classical and elegant styles, deep cultural atmosphere with various kinds of silk merchandises. The street block incarnates the graceful and the softness beauty of "silk road".

Xinhua Road’s "Ming Houses" area had been renewed as "Exquisite Silk Products Street" in 2002, thus made the unique blend of elegance of the famous ancient Ming Dynasty architecture and exquisite silk fashion product shops. There are businesses range covers silk fabrics, clothes, artworks, tourist souvenirs, neckties, scarves and various raw materials. These products are sharing the markets at home and abroad. The street block is the largest of its kind in China; it has been awarded various honors by bureaus of provincial and municipal levels, as well as enlisted by the state's former Domestic Trade Bureau as a key wholesale liaison spot.

As silk is the symbol of oriental culture and represents the speciality and tradition of Hangzhou, the Silk Town is continuing to discover the connotation of silk culture, searching for new high quality products, improving management and marketing. The Silk Town will be expanded into new National Silk Shopping Center, Information Center for New Silk Products, China Silk Fashion Center and China Silk Culture Exhibition Hall soon. The town will be a must-go place for tourists from home and abroad.

Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center is located at No. 1, Wulin Square, the most flourished business, culture and traffic center in the heart of Hangzhou; it is also a well-known department store in China. With the bold introduction of advanced management techniques from home and abroad, the department store has established a highly effective market management organization and mechanism, provided high quality goods aiming the people of medium and high buying power, which has won the favor of customers for over ten years.

Intime Department Store  Located at No. 530, Yan'an Road. Zhejiang Intime Department Store Co., Ltd. was founded and opened to business in 1998. With invested 400 million RMB Yuan, Intime Department Store is the first of its retail investment project in Hangzhou and located at heart of the city----south of Wulin Square, with Hangzhou Tower and Hangzhou Department Stores just around the corner. It is one of the largest department store buildings in Hangzhou, which is included general merchandises (with more than 60,000 high quality commodities), restaurants, and amusement and leisure purposes. The building on the street side (Yan'an Road) has length of 160 m and total business area occupies about 31,500 sq.m; with more than 3000 staffs of various ranks, 28 escalators and lifts for passengers and goods purposes; as well as high-tech fire protection, security monitor, computerized communication, acoustic and cashier systems, which make you feel safe and comfortable inside.

Wulin Road Fashion Dress Street has a length of 1650 m. Its lies between Qingchun Road on the south and Tiyuchang Road on the north; with spur tracks such that an avenue of length 580 m that goes from east to west between Yan'an Road and Huancheng Western Road, Shihuqiao Road of length 280 m that goes from east to west between Yan'an Road and Wulin Road and Longyou Road of length 245 m that goes from west to east between Huancheng Western Road and Wulin Road. The area is one of the main leisure and shopping spots in downtown Hangzhou. The area is the No.1 Street for women's fashion in Hangzhou; it looks like a glamorous star galaxy that shines the vast vigorous fashion market in Hangzhou. Undoubtedly, with its good geographical position as one of the best tourism cities in China, the Wulin Road Fashion Dress Street is the golden business card of Hangzhou's commercial landscape and representing the women's fashion scene in the country.

Hangzhou Department Store  Located at No. 260, Yan'an Road, on the southeast of Wulin Square in the busiest commercial district of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Department is there. With a total business area of about 22,000 sq.m, the department store was opened to service on 1st November 1989 and the new southern block was commenced on the same day in 1999 with corridors link between the two blocks. The buildings give a modern looking and the corridors inside give smooth feeling, thus give the overall impression of the tinge of modern commercialism and popular culture.
Xiaohe Historical Street is located at the connection point of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the Yuhangtang River in the north of Hangzhou. Since the time of the late Qing Dynasty due to its excellent location, the street block has been once flourished marketplace and it was an important wharf for river container ships also, with many warehouses, handicraft workshops, teahouses and restaurants. But in later time, the area became decadent, and the living condition for the people here was deteriorating gradually, the constructions here became damaged and un-repaired.

Jiefang Road Department Store is located at Jiefang Road on the southern downtown of Hangzhou. Its former name was Hangzhou Emporium Company Limited, which was founded in 1918. It was at first a small store that had a business area of 720 sq.m and sold just about 1000 kinds of goods with an annual turnover of about 3 million RMB Yuan, and gradually expanded and developed into 18,000 sq.m today and sells more than 50,000 kinds of commodities with total turnover of more than 800 million RMB Yuan annually. Now the department store is integrated business, tourism and import and export trade as a whole. Its wide range of commodities that suit everyone's need and this is also the business philosophy of the company.

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