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Hangzhou Night life



After daytime excursions to West Lake and mountains in Hangzhou, visitors can go to the lakeside to enjoy the night music fountain. The grand jets combined with neon lights make the water scenery totally different from that in the daytime.Besides wandering around lakeside, the following places or activities are alsogood choices for enjoying Hangzhou night life.

Tea Houses

Next to the beautiful Wu Mountain scenic spot lies the Chenghuang Teahouse, a classical building with five storeys. The interior decoration is simple and refined. You can enjoy a good view of Wu Mountain while sipping a cup of tea and tasting pastries. It is the best place for relaxation, and can be found at No.3 Wushan Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou. 

The teahouse closest to the West Lake is Hu Pan Ju (Lakeside Teahouse). This is a place for friends to hang out and drink tea and for visitors to taste the authentic Longjing tea and take in the breathtaking scenery of the West Lake. It has been one of the most famous teahouses in Hangzhou for many years, and lies at No.23 Hubin Road, Hangzhou.

Clubs & Pubs on Nanshan Road Art & Leisure Street Block

The picturesque phoenix trees and European style architectures with pretty lanes look like Chinese ink paintings. You hear music when you look at the blocks of buildings----cafes, bars and galleries...

Nanshan Road has been divided into five speciality areas. "Nanshan Affection" consists of romantic teahouses, "Nanshan Surprise" of arts, crafts, calligraphies and paintings, "Nanshan Art Circle" of artistic atmosphere, "Nanshan Savor" of tasty restaurants and "Nanshan Leisure" of recreation and entertainment.

On the east side of Nanshan Road there are many architectures of great historic importance such as the former residence of Chinese traditional painter Pan Tianshou, green brick houses along the Guangfu Lane, the yellow house of the former "Three-Three Hospital" site, the villa "Xiaolv'lou" that is said Jiang Jingguo (Chiang Chingkuo) was lived, Henglu Cultural Center and the former residence of the famous bridge builder Mao Yisheng. Efforts have been made to maintain their originality; and others had to rebuild in Chinese, European or modern styles.

Because there are no signs on the cultural sights inside the narrow lanes, so the Pan Tianshou Memorial Hall was often ignored. Now, a cobblestone engraved the Chinese characters (Pan Tianshou Memorial Hall) stands on the lawn besides the pedestrian path. Now even the passer-bys of Nanshan Road can see the top of the artist's former residence over the low wall because the buildings in front of it have been removed.

The number of businesses on the eastern side of Nanshan Road is from 92 reduced to 65, the remainders are of high quality, such as UBC Coffee and Italian-style Bernini Cafe. The bars there adopted the rousing and tranquil styles, such as "Day and Night" Bar, which is founded by returned overseas Chinese, and many old style teahouses nearby.

The most classical coffee house of Hangzhou is the Blue Mountain Coffee House. Famous people in Hangzhou often assemble at this spot. Various kinds of coffee with unique fragrances captivate the guests from all over the city. The shop has been entitled the demonstration base of professional service by the international authority. Address: 56-58 Dingan Road, Shangcheng District.

The Roman Holiday Coffee House is located at No.152 Nanshan Road, where the trees cast a pleasant shade along the lakeside. Offering authentic Italian coffee and specialized service, the coffee house has become an ideal place for commercial affairs, get-togethers and recreation.

Near the 6th Park, there is a bar called Paradise Rock, which caters to Western tastes in beer, drinks and music. This expatriate community is very famous and popular, and can be found at No.15 Hubin Road, Hangzhou. Opening hours: 11:00am--3:00am.

The bar Meng Zhi Hu (Lake of the Dream) lies at No.103 Nanshan Road. The wooden furniture here is unique and impressive. Once you enter the bar, your body will wave passionately with the hot music. Opening hours: 06:30pm--3:00am.

Golden Time (Jinbi Huihuang) is a large entertainment centre, with Discos, KTV, a jazz bar and coffee bar. Located at No. 169, Qingchun Road of Hangzhou, the Golden Time is easy to reach by bus Nos. 18, 31, 8 and 59.

Xinyifang Business Street

The Xinyifang Business Street is a recreational area for pedestrians only; it is located at Maiyuqiao in the center of Gongshu District, northern Hangzhou, with a length of 500 m and covering an area of about 30, 000 sq.m. It faces Hushu Northern Road in the east, Moganshan Road in the west, Caoying Lane in the south and very close to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in the north. The area consists of 11 low-rise ancient Chinese style commercial buildings, which are built along the banks of the Yuhangtang River. There are three bridges to cross the river.

Waterside pavilions, squares, kiosks, corridors and sculptures are built in the lanes between constructions. The walking path of width 16 m with sotto portico of width 3 m along the street and some constructions stretched out over the river. The two coasts are linked together by three ancient style bridges----Lutingqiao, Caoyingqiao and Guijinqiao; thus making the unique feel of "river besides the street and street on the river". There is a pier on the west bank; you can take a boat to view the painting-like landscape of the waterside town in Southern Yangtze Region.

In order to obtain the full ancient and elegant air of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal area, the Xinyifang Business Street is built according to the ancient Chinese river-street style and traditional Grand Canal culture by applying the modern architectural technique. The construction of the area is along two sides of Yuhangtang River and expanded to east and west.

Xinyifang Business Street is tailor-made for the leisurely lifestyle of urban people in the 21st Century. Here, you can walk along the riverside or go up to the floor to view the scenery, visit the leisure bar, pottery and fabric shops, movie bar and handcraft shop etc. to experience the freedom of modern DIY life. You can also find beauty parlor, body incense salon, dentist office, nail beauty salon and gymnasium etc. to experience high quality modern life. There are lots of vogue shops, odd stone hall and small restaurants etc. The area becomes urban people's entertainment and shopping paradise in weekends.

The area is oriented to comprehensive recreational quality and wishing to bring "walking, playing, shopping and sightseeing" purposes together. Xinyifang is the first business street that took all commercial and cultural ingredients as a whole in Hangzhou, which can satisfy the demand of leisurely and quality life of modern urban citizens.


West Lake Cinema: No.95 Pinghai Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou

Qingchun Film City: No.60 Qingchun Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou


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