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Hangzhou Museums




China National Silk Museum

Located at the foot of Yuhuang Mountain near West Lake in Hangzhou, the China National Silk Museum occupies an area of 8,000 square meters and opened to the public in February 1992. Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin once described it as, carrying forward the ancient silk culture, and exploiting a new Silk Road.


The basic exhibitions include five parts. The Major Hall narrates the story of Chinese silk. From the exhibits in the hall, we can see the origin and development of silk, the main species of silkworm, the location of the Silk Road and the position silk occupied in ancient Chinese society. The Dyeing and Weaving Hall and the Achievement Hall exhibits separately the development of ancient weaving looms and the great achievement China has made in the production, research and foreign trade of silk since the founding of P. R. China. In the museum, there is also an exhibition hall set aside for temporary, special exhibitions.

There are also silk boutiques and teahouses attached to the museum for your convenience.



 China National Tea Museum


The China National Tea Museum is a museum dedicated to tea and the tea culture of China. It is located in Shuangfeng Village, Longjing Road in Hangzhou, the famous hometown of Longjing (Dragon Well) Tea.

The Museum consists of the Exhibition Building, the Tea Building, the Tea Customs Garden, the International Tea Culture Exchange Hall and the Functional Building. The Exhibition Building includes six halls as the halls of Tea History, Tea Custom, Tea Event, Tea Set, Tea Health and Tea Friendship. With the exhibition of abundant historical tea relics, visitors can directly perceive Chinese tea culture by viewing the vivid displays. The Tea Building exhibits a wide range of famous Chinese teas. Tourists can taste a wide variety of different teas here. The Tea Customs Garden was developed as a sightseeing area for the Museum. Visitors are invited to take part in the performance of tea ceremonies. The International Tea Culture Exchange Hall provides a stage for the research and exchange of tea and tea culture. The Functional Building includes the Reception Hall and the Academic Exchange Hall and so on.

There is also a Tea Art Area at the Museum, where visitors can see the performance of the modern and the ancient tea art, Japan tea culture, Taiwan tea culture and so on. Every year an International West Lake Tea Fair is held in the Museum after the Tomb-Sweeping Day.



Chinese Traditional Medicine Museum


The museum is located in Dajing Street east of Wushan Hill. As a medicine shop, it was built in 1878 (the Qing Dynasty) by Mr. Hu Xueyan. It was famous for its Chinese medicine. Now it is the unique Chinese traditional medicine museum of China, which exhibits the development of Chinese medicine. To get the museum takes bus No.31.










Qiantangjiang River Bridge


Located in the state's level scenic zone----Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area, China; the Qiantangjiang River Bridge is the first modern steel-structured bridge combined the functions of railway and road for vehicle designed and constructed independently by China. The chief designer is Mr. Mao Yisheng, who is known as the father of Chinese modern bridges. The successful construction of the bridge has refuted the western experts' thought that "Chinese people are not able to build a bridge over the Qiantangjiang River". And the bridge itself means a cradle of modern bridges in China also it is one of the landmark constructions in Hangzhou City.








The Qiantangjiang River Bridge Memorial Hall


It is located at the northern bank of the river in the west of bridge. The hall displays about 400 rare historical photographs that recorded the different periods of construction, bombing and repair, as well as photos of engineering technicians and construction workers lead by Mr. Mao Yisheng. More than 100 historical documents, scriptures, books and articles are permanently exhibited here. There is a theme exhibition of "Old Photos of the Bridge" also.





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