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Hangzhou Celebrities



The charm and gracefulness of Hangzhou in scenery, culture and humanity draws lots of celebrities to be here and also brings plenty of love affairs and noteworthy acts.


Ge Hong was a minor southern official during the Jan Dynasty, best known for his interest and fame in Daoism, alchemy, and techniques of longevity. Recent scholarly and popular translations of Ge's writing into English have ensured his inclusion in the swelling tide of enthusiasm for esoteric and religious Daoism in the West. Today near West Lake, there is a Baopu Taoism Temple which is closely linked to Ge Hong.


Lin Yu (967-1028), the poet of Northern Song Dynasty, was an unmarried bachelor, before 40, he wandered in the area of Yangze River and Huaihe River. Later he lived nearby West Lake in Hangzhou. He was fond of plum, crane and thought of plum as his wife and treated the crane as his son. He planted 300 plum trees and breaded the cranes. He led a happy life and never entered the city any more. But he had been widely known and made friends with Fan Zhongyan, Mei Yaocheng. The government presented him the rice and silk and ordered the local officials to take care of him. Today his tomb is located near the Fanghe Pavilion; moreover, a tomb of crane is also near to his tomb which becomes one of the eighteen scenic spots of West Lake in Qing Dynasty.


Bai Juyi(772-846)the noted realistic poet in Tang Dynasty. His poems disclosed and satirized the guilt of vested interest to the masses; he was not satisfied with the dignitary, and then he was elbowed out from the superstratum society and demoted as an official far from capital. In 822, he was the governor of Hangzhou, at that time the farmlands often suffered from the drought, but the local official were unwilling to irrigating the land by virtue of West Lake, he tried to persuade them into carrying out this schedule via the people's efforts and building the bank and floodgate, as a result it added the capacity of West Lake and solved the problem of lack of water for irrigation, besides he also dug 6 wells in order to better the civilians' life. In 824, Bai Juyi left Hangzhou, the masses saw off him spontaneously, and today there is a Bai Causeway the later generation named for commemorating him.


 In the later period of Song Dynasty, the celebrated poet, calligrapher, painter, Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian Su Dongpo was the governor of Hangzhou for two times, firstly it was the time between 1071and 1074, secondly between 1089 and 1091. In 1089, Hangzhou encountered the drought and famine. He learned of the people's disastrous life and requested the central government to decrease 1/3 taxes for redressing the victims of natural calamity. Besides he also donated some of his income to help those people. Later, Hangzhou suffered from the flood and many people became destitute and homeless. He requested to decrease the quantity of rice for government for saving those people in flooding area. Meanwhile, he appealed to donation for establishing the institution of medical treatment. After these two disasters, he felt the importance and function of irrigating construction, but at that time the West Lake had been severely stagnated for a long time, he recruited the peasant workers roughly 200,000 to dredge up this lake and built up the bank and six stone-arch bridges. The later generations named the bank as Su Causeway to memorizing him. 


Qi Gong (1912-2007), the Chinese professor in Beijing Normal University was the most famous calligrapher in modern China. He specialized in Chinese literature history, Chinese art history, Chinese essays in the past dynasties, and he was the great master of Chinese national study and respected more and more youngsters. His old-style poems were renowned at home and abroad and received many readers' welcome and acceptance. He was also the connoisseur and judge of cultural relics and especially experted in ancient painting and calligraphy. Of course, the number of celebrities is more than those mentioned above. The others like Yue Fei, Li Yue, Wei Yuan, Mao Dun, Qiu Jing, Zhu Shuzhen, Chang Shuhong,Yu Dafu and Zhang Taiyan and so on. So many celebs in Hangzhou indeed gift and glorify Hangzhou, such an eastern leisure and cultural city. The colorfulness of humanity and personality presents Hangzhou with their attraction and magnetism.






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