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Hangzhou Anecdotes



Hangzhou as a romantic center of eastern Asia, owns a long and centuries-old history, and she is an urbane, experienced, well-cultivated, disconsolate but elegant lady wearing the pretty catching ssq.mile with melancholy, amorous feelings and enchantment. In the past 2000 years, the different dynasty gifted her unique sublimity and characteristics which comprised of her attractions in China and neighboring countries, her eyes, West Lake, her soft hairs, rows and lines of willows and sallow, her mysterious gynaecea, the evergreen woods with diversity of trees and the variform but coquettish hills, her voice, the nonstop and melodious music played in distinctive but traditional instruments like flute, pipa and zither etc.


Her garments, the velvet and precious silk, her appearance, the full moon with argent ray, the sun in spring with cloudy and windy characters, her action, the dancers'gracefulness and the young and beauteous washwomen's washing. Her anxiety, the mizzle covering the hills and lakes with the fairy's tear and sigh, the lovers'lifelong wait but without any result, and the fishermen's long pipe carrying the unceasing smoke mingled with the humilis mist. All of her reactions and activities could be taken as poem, song, picture, and music and the literators long recitation, even some anchorets' fere all their lives.


Hence, Hangzhou accompanied with West Lake gradually became the oriental City of Light, and the holyland of Chinese culture, literature, art. Numerous love stories happened here, remaining the universal and impressive influence in the public as the time goes. Fairy, animal peri, monk and so on, all existed in the world could be the elements of romantic image and the main characters of classical stories. So she became the god of the learners, masters, poets, painters, calligraphers, musicians and wanderers and their spiritual end-result.


 Many a story or anecdote happened in Hangzhou could be found in books, and nearly all the celebrities left their names in the history could be found in Hangzhou. Hangzhou could be summarized as the cradle of Chinese-style romance and stories. If you want to learn more about China, we sincerely inform you of this unwritten information, please come here to understand and appreciate the essence of Chinese culture.  



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