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Haikou---China Tropical Tourism Destination

Beach view in Hainan  Haikou also called Coco-City in China is most developed in tourism industry. As the provincial capital of Hainan province, which is the largest special economic zone in China, Haikou is the center of politics, economy, culture and business in Hainan province. Located in the front area of South China Economic Development Zone, Haikou is near to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan as well as Southeast Aisa. As the provincial capital of Hainan, Haikou to be the name of area was originated from Han Dynasty, and opened in late period of Song Dynasty. In 1988, in seventh-session National People's Congress, Hainan was approved to be a province. Haikou was chosen as the provincial capital of Hainan province. Besides, Hainan Special Economic Zone was established as well.

Haikou History

In history, Haikou like other long-standing cities in mainland also experienced a long history, and also a lot of historic and cultural relics are left. Many famous functionaries and learners used to be demoted here such as Li Deyu, who did contributions to the development of culture in Hainan in Tang Dynasty. Li Gang, Hu Quan and Zhao Ding including Su Dongpo from Song Dynasty were also demoted here. But they also made a great help with local people to develop in many fields. Initially established in 1889, Five-Lord Memorial or Wugongci was for commemorating them. For commemorating Hai Rui who was one of the most famous and clean-handed functionaries in ancient China and famous equally as Lord Bao, Hai Rui Tomb Garden was established in 1589. Xitian Temple or West-Heaven Temple was established in 1567 in memory of Wang Zuo, a famous man in Ming Dynasty. To resist the exterior invasion from west, Xiuying Emplacement was established in 1891, and it is equally famous with Dagukou Emplacement in Tianjin, Wusongkou Emplacement in Shanghai and Humen Emplacement in Guangzhou.

Haikou folk custom

Haikou has many rich folk custom and many folk festivals. At night of 15, January in lunar calendar every year, there is a Festival of Exchanging Flower. On March 3, each year in lunar calendar, it is the important occasion for love and happiness pursuit of young men and women of Li Nationality. On Mid-Autumn Festival, there is a festival of folk song themed with hometown and moon. In late November each year, there is Hainan Festival of Conviviality.

Hainan is a special province in China because it is located in the tropical zone of China, in four seasons, it is warm and comfortable. Hainan is Chinese most important tourism destination. Its beach is eco-friendly and attracts many tourists every year. Since 1992, Haikou has been ranked Chinese top-50 cities for its comprehensive environmental protection and top-40 excellent investment destinations in China. It is the only test base of world healthy city chosen by World Health Organization and Chinese Ministry of Health. Haikou also boasts Chinese Excellent Tourism City, National Sanitary City, China Model City of Environmental Protection, China Advanced City of Greening and China Top-ten Excellent City for its forestation. In the future, the blueprint of Haikou urban development is to be the important economic city of Beibu Gulf Area and the garden city of South China, also Haikou is planned to be the second best habitat at home and abroad, besides to be the international green city featured by its tropical coastal view in the world.


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