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Guzheng (Chinese Zither) -----Eastern Piano

The Guzheng(gǔzhēng,古筝) is an ancient Chinese instrument of Han People. But it has a great influence among other nations, for example, Mongolian nationality and ChaoXian (Korean) nationality, which we can get such a conclusion based on some similar instrument of these two nations. In fact, it also is the ancestor of several Asian zither instruments.
The Guzheng has a rectangle wooden body with strings and movable bridges. In the earliest time, it has 25 strings, then 13 ones in Tang and Song Dynasties, and later, it developed into 16 or 18 strings, but now 21 strings is the most commonly used. 
Guzheng (Chinese Zither) -----Eastern Piano

 Guzheng(Chinese zither) is titled as the piano in China

As a popular instrument in China, the Guzheng existed as early as the Warring States and spread in Qin State (now Shanxi Province) at that time. So it was called Qinzheng. Apparently, it has been played for more than 2500 years. Since the Qin and Han Dynasties, guzheng was getting more and more popular throughout the northwest part of China to everywhere.Since the Qin and Han Dynasties, guzheng was getting more and more popular throughout the northwest part of China to everywhere. Fusion with local operas and folk music, guzheng music formed many schools with strong regional features. Traditional guzheng music was divided into the south part and the north part. Based on the place of origin, the following five schools were representatives: Zhejiang, Shandong, Henan, Kejia and Chaozhou. However, nowadays, the differences between every school are getting smaller and smaller, therefore, almost each school owns advantages of other schools.

Guzheng (Chinese Zither) -----Eastern PianoGuzheng (Chinese Zither) -----Eastern Piano

playing guzheng

Some Chinese children start to learn playing guzheng


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