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Guiyang Food

Cuisine: sour and spicy are two defining flavor of Guizhou cuisine. Representative dishes include Sour Fish Soup, Flower Steam Dog Meat.

Famous dishes and snacks:

Soup Fish Soup(酸汤鱼): Chili, tomato and nutritional herbs are added into the fish soup, which is appetizing. This is a dish unique to Miao Nationality. The color of top prepared dish should adopt a creamy white color and feature fresh, spicy, sour and lingering flavor.
Recommended Restaurant: Laokaili Sour Fish Restaurant(老凯里酸汤鱼省府店)
Add: No55, Shiban Street, Shengfu Road, Yunyan District (near Guishan Hotel)( 云岩区省府路石板街55号(近贵山大酒店) Average cost: 70¥ per person

Strewed Chicken(炖鸡饭): Chicken are thoroughly cooked before various seasonings are added. It matches rice, noodles or rice noodles perfectly. To preserve the original flavor, you had better not use soy sauce.

Si Wawa(Silk Doll丝娃娃): Enjoy this dish, you need to use a palm-sized pancake to wrap up vegetable slices and dip them into the special made local sauce before munching them. Spicy, crispy and fragrant, it is a dish which you will find irresistible.
<<<<Famous Restaurants: Sour Soup Si Wawa (丝之味酸汤丝娃娃)
<<<Average cost per person: 22¥
<<<Add: No 5. Meijia Building, Zhonghua North Road(中华北路53号美佳大厦北楼5号)

Zhuangyuan Pig Paw(状元蹄)
Zhao Yijiong, the first Zhuangyuan in Guizhou province during the Qing dynasty, is a local celebrity. In Qingyan Ancient Town, you can appreciate his residence. It is said this dish was this talented scharlor’s favorite. To memorize him, people name this dish after him. For domestic tourists, it has develped into a fashion to taste this yummy dish both in Qingyan Ancient Town and Guiyang.

Kung Pao chicken: Legend had it that Ding Baozhen, a government officer of Qing dynasty, invented this dish. Nowadays, it is one of the most well-known dish both home and abroad.
sour soup fishzhuangyuan pig parw
Sour Fish SoupZhuangyuan Pig Paw
si wawasiwawa
Si wawaSi wawa
chicken ricekung bao chicken
Strewed ChickenKung Pao Chicken

Tufu Balls(豆腐圆子): Tofu is used as the main ingredients. This slightly fired snack features golden crispy shell as well as fine and smooth fillings. It goes well with special made sauce.

<<<Famous Restaurant: Family Lei’s Love Bean Curd Restaurant
<<<Add: No 7. Shengfu West Road(省府西路7)
guiyang tufu ball
Doumi Hotpot (豆米火锅): This heavenly dish is the reason many people visit Guiyang. To prepare the hotpot’s soup, red beans are boiled for several hours so they can melt away when meeting the food-obsessed diners’ tongues. Various vegetable and meats are put into the soup during the process. After feasting on the yummy dish, you can also have a taste of the soup.
doumi hotpot

Guiyang Theme Restaurants

Zhuyi Fashion Hotpot(Jun’an Hotel Branch) (煮意时尚火锅,君安宾馆店)
Average cost per person: ¥60
Add:the first floor, Jun’an Hotel, No.62 Qianling West Road, Yunyan District(云岩区黔灵西路62号君安宾馆1楼, 四合院对面)
zhuyi fashion hotpot restaurant guiyangzhuyi-fashion-hotpot-restaurant-guiyang

Huaxi Feiwan Beef Rice Noodles Restaurant, Huakuo Road Branch(花溪飞碗牛肉粉, 花阔路店)
Add: next to Huaxi park(花溪区花阔路集贸市场内, 花溪公园侧门)
With smooth and fresh soup, delicious beef, elastic rice noodles, appetizing pickled vegetables and breathtaking chili, this place will bestow you with the most memorable dining experience.

Qian Mushroom Four Season Restaurant(黔蘑菇四季餐厅)
Average cost per person: 91¥
Tel:0851-6814000 6814111
Feature: mushroom hotpot is their main specialty. Meat balls, Tufu balls are freshly made. You can enjoy the spicy food and the especially sweet and fresh mushroom soups here.
qian mocuqian mocuqian mocu
qian mocuqian mocuqian mocu

Golden Brand Luoji Changwang Noodle (金牌罗记肠旺面)
Due to its excellent noodles, it has attracted the biggest number of diners.
Add: Caijia Street, Yunyan District, near Zhongshan East Road(云岩区蔡家街, 近中山东路)

Snack Night Markets

Shanxi Road Snack Night Market (19:00pm to 4:00am) (陕西路小吃夜市)

Xingguan Road Snack Night Market(兴关路小吃夜市)
xingguan road night marketxingguan road night market
xingguan road night marketxingguan road night market

Hequan Road Snack Night Market (合群路小吃夜市)
Hequn Road, Guiyang City


Baisha Road (白纱路小吃巷)

Other tips:

Where to eat:

Xinhua Road(新华路)

Qianling Xi Lu(Qianling West Road黔灵西路)

Yanwu Street(盐务街)

Where and what to eat:

Dingguan City near the airport: Sour Fish Soup

Gongyuan South Road: Big Eye Restaurant: Changwang Noodle

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