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Guiyang Folklore Art

Dixi Drama of Anshun

Dixi Drama prevails in Guizhou province’s Anshun. Originated from the ritual dance aiming to dispel devils and worship ancestors, Dixi Drama evolved into its present status, a prominent local opera. It is an indispensable part of grand festivals. By now, there are only military opera available, with mains characters include military generals, scholar officers as well as young and senior-aged generals, which are differentiated by the masks they wear.
dixi drama anshun guiyang
 dixi-drama anshun guiyang

Batik Artwork

As the cradle of batik, Guiyang contributed a lot to promote this splendid art form. By now, it has become a distinctive local folklore handicraft. Batik dye of Mia Nationality ranks as one of the top three stamp technologies. With original design, diversified patterns, harmonious and light colors, eco-friendly manufacturing process, batik garments and handicrafts feature extremely high aesthetic value and quality. Those batik masterpieces are the most sought-after commodities both home and abroad.
guizhou miao batik guizhou miao batik
guizhou miao batik guizhou miao batik

Lusheng Dance

Miao people are versatile artists. This great nationality is famous for their costumes, festivals (such as Miao New Year and Guzang Festival), villages (Xijiang Miao Village) and finally, their ancient, primitive yet enticing dances. Among them, Lusheng Dance is the most representative one. During grand occasions, Miao young people will dress up to perform this dance. Lusheng is their music instrument made of bamboo which abounds in south China from Sichuan all the way to Shanghai. The music combines many sounds from nature: the chirping of birds, the murmuring of streams and the sounds of various animals.
lusheng dance guiyang
lusheng dance guiyang

Stone Culture

China has developed a stone culture since ancient time. The grotesque stones are irresistible to scholars, who will admire and treasure them with great care. Situated in the Karst kingdom, Guizhou province never lacks of the most bizarre-shaped rocks. In 2002, Guizhou launched the first stone exhibition, which attracted an overwhelming number of experts and amateur collectors from all over the country.
grotesque stone guiyanggrotesque stone guiyang

Original Wood Art

Vines, plants and trucks from forests are made into handicrafts, paintings and furniture by hand. Invented by Chen Baiqiu, a contemporary artist, this art form is applauded home and abroad warmly.
original wood art

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