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Zhuang Nationality's Buffalo King Festival


Buffalo King Festival (牛魂节) is widely celebrated by various ethnic groups include Zhuang, Buyi, Yao, Dong and Tujia. However, it is Zhuang people’s Buffalo King Festival which is the most representative, hence its name.
According to Zhuang Ethnic Group, Each April 8 is the birthday of buffaloes. On that day, Zhuang people will gather leaves to cook purple rice. Then, they will put several pieces of bacon on the rice and offer it to their buffaloes.
All Buffaloes in the village will take a holiday. Children will take them into green lawn and let them wondering freely and feast on the fresh grass. Villagers will also shower their buffalo on this day, clean their dwelling places, sing to them and feed them with rice and wine. Besides, they will also hold worship ceremony to pray for the health and longevity of water buffaloes.
 Buffaloes on Holiday Zhuang people will clean their buffaloes on this festival
buffalo-king-festival /buffalo-king-festival.
 Zhuang people will carry out various rituals to pray for the health of buffaloes One Zhuang Minority man and his buffola
zhuang people will prepare colorful rice on this festivalZhuang Minority women is preparing snack for this festival
 Cow artwork of Han dynasty(220BC-220AD)
 Cow Cup:late period of Shang Era(1046BC-249BC)
 Ceramic Artwork themed with cow of Qing dynasty(1636-1911)
 Copper Cow of Qing dynasty(1636-1911)

 Five Cows Painting(五牛图) by Han Huang of Tang Dynasty(618-907). It is one of China's  top 10 priceless masterpieces.

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