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Shopping in Guangzhou


Where to Buy Wedding Dress in Guangzhou


Jiangnan Wedding Dress Street(江南婚纱街)/Haizhu Wedding Dress Street(海珠婚纱街)
Get in: Bus No.10, 13,14,16,25,26,82,86,87,180,186,190,203,220,222,244,248,263,299,552,544
Get off at: Jiangnan Avenue North Stop(江南大道北站)

Where to Buy Luxury Goods in Guangzhou

Wangfujing of Dongshan District(东山区王府井)/Zhonghua Square(中华广场)
Get in: Metro Line No.1.
Get off at Dongshankou Stop东山口站


Where to buy Fashionable Goods in Guangzhou

Diwang Square(地王广场)/Liuxing Qianxian(流行前线)
Get in: Metro Line No.1.

Where to Buy Sport wear in Guangzhou

Dognchuan Mingdian Cheng(东川名店城)
Get in: Metro Line No.1.
Get off: Dongshankou Stop东山口站


Where to buy Luxury Goods in Guangzhou

Huanshi Road(环市路)/Dongfeng Road(东风路)/Libai Shopping Mall(丽柏商场)

Feature: Huanshi Road(环市路)/Dongfeng Road(东风路) are two time-honored luxury goods streets in Guangzhou.
Libai Shopping Mall(丽柏商场) has a plethora supply of luxury goods which you cannot even find in Hong Kong. International cosmetics brands and skin care products also overflow here.

Get in: 45,53, 54,62a,62,78,89,130,136,195,233,263,280,540,551,813

Get off: Sport Center East Gate Bus Stop( 体育中心东门站)


Where to buy Middle level to Budget-friendly goods/delicacies in Guangzhou

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street(上下九步行街)/Baohua Road(宝华路): They are the apple in the eyes of the Cantonese. Shangxiajiu is a quaint historical street lined with shops and restaurants. It is stylish during daytime and dynamic during the night.


Where to Buy fashionable goods and delicacies in Guangzhou

Beijing Road Pedestrian Street(北京路步行街):

Get in: Metro Line No.1. Get off at Gongyuanqian Bus Stop(公园前站)

Where to Buy fashionable clothes from Janpan and Korean in Guangzhou

Jiangnan Avenue of Haizhu District(江南大道), Baogang Avenue(宝岗大道)

Get in: Metro Line No.2.

Get off : Jiangnan West Bus Stop(江南西站)

Where to Shopping and enjoy Leisure activities in Guangzhou

Tianhe Commercial Center天河商业中心(Tianhe Shopping Center天河购物中心/Zhengjia正佳/Victoria Square维多利亚广场)

Feature: It is the most popular place among the white collar ladies

Get in: Metro Line No.1.

Get off: Tiyu Xi Zhan(Sport Center West Bus Stop体育西站)


Where to Buy mid-range brand clothing to Luxury Clothes in Guangzhou


(a) Guangzhou Fashion Wholesale Market(

(b) Hongmian Bubugao Clothes Square(红棉步步高时装广场)

(c)Guangzhou Fashion Exhibition Center(广州服装会展中心)

(d)Jinma Leather Clothes Center(金马皮革时装中心)

(e)Xindadi Clothes Wholesale Center(新大地服装批发城)

(f)Xinxing Fashion Mall(新星服装商厦)

Get in: Bus No.5.7,29,30,31,33,34,52,180,201,203,205,207,210,211,260,261,256,518,556,543,823
Get off at Zhanqian Road(站前路)/Guagnzhou Railway Station Bus Stop(火车站)

Where to Buy Jeans in Guangzhou

Kangle Jeans Fashion City (康乐牛仔服装城)
Get in: Bus No.31,29, 38,83,180, 181,7,202,203,211,256,260,261,288,528,543,552,556,823,864
Get off at Jiaoyihui Bus Stop(交易会站)


Where to buy clothes and shoes  in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Yuzhou Clothes Shoes Market(广州宇宙服装鞋业市场)
Get in: Bus,46,175,179,198,231,274,284, 291,522, 530, 538
Get off at: Keshan Bus Stop(克山站)


Where to Buy man’s fashion in Guangzhou

Jindu Men’s Clothing Wholesale Market Guangzhou(锦都男装商城)
Get in: Bus No.5, 52,83, 205, 207,231, 238,275,301,518,530, 823


Where to Buy crystal products in Guangzhou

Crystal Wholesale Market(水晶批发市场)
Get in Metro Line No.1.
Get off at Changshou Road Bus Stop(长寿路站)
Feature: Many people from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau arrange a special trip to this market to shop for crystal goods


Where to Buy Skin care products and cosmetics in Guangzhou?


(a)Changshou Donglu Beauty and hair hairdressing Products Wholesale Market Guangzhou(长寿东路美容美发用品)
Get in: Bus No.82, 2, Night 2, 3, Night 3,6, Night (, 209
Get off at: Changshou East Road Bus Stop(长寿东路)

(b)Beauty&Cosmetic Street(洗涤化妆美容专业街)
Get in: Bus No.2,3,6,61,82,128,134,181,186,202,239,251,288,521,204
Get off at Changshoudong Bus Stop(长寿东) or Shangxiajiu(上下九)

(c)Xingfa Plaza(兴发广场)
Get in: Bus No.38,46,87,101,103, 105, 24,108,185,186,251,257,284,510,511,509,523,539,540.805,810
Get off: Jichang Road Bus Stop( 机场路站)、Bianjian Bus Stop(边检站)
(d)Yifa Plaza(怡发广场)
Get in: Bus No.38,46,87,101,103, 105, 24,108,185,186,251,257,284,510,511,509,523,539,540.805,810
Get off: Jichang Road Bus Stop( 机场路站)、Bianjian Bus Stop(边检站)

(e)Guangzhou Zhongren Cosmetic City(中人化妆品城)
Get in: Bus No.38,46,87,101,103, 105, 24,108,185,186,251,257,284,510,511,509,523,539,540.805,810
Get off: Jichang Road Bus Stop( 机场路站)、Bianjian Bus Stop(边检站)

(f)Guangzhou Meibo Cheng(Guangzhou Beauty Exchange Center) 广州美博城

Get in: Bus No. 46,175,179,198,231,268,274,184,291,538
Get off at Wang Sheng Tang(王圣堂)


Where to Buy ornaments in Guangzhou

(a)Taikang Ornaments Wholesale Market(泰康路饰品批发市场)

Get in: Metro Line 2.
Get off at Haizhou Square Bus Stop(海珠广场站)
Feature: This whole street is dedicated to ornaments, imported snacks and seafood. You can buy high quality goods with fair price here. Even vendors from Hong Kong,Taiwan and Macau buy goods from here.

(b)Guangzhou New World Ornaments Wholesale Market(新世界精品批发市场)
Get in: Metro Line 2.
Get off at Haizhou Square Bus Stop(海珠广场站)

(c)Guangzhou Liwan Plaza(荔湾广场)
Get in: Night Bus 33, Bus No.3,61,6, 530, Night Bus No.5.Bus No.15, 209 or 82

(d)Wanfu Refined Goods Plaza(万福精品广场)

Get in: Bus No.299,125,16,194,229, 35,57, 7, 519,40,36,61
Get off at wanfu East Bus Stop(万福东站)

(e)Guangzhou Taikangzhong Ornaments Wholesale Market(泰康忠精品批发市场)
Get in: Bus No.190,236, 13,40,188,16,61,221,222,544, 194 or 519


Where to Buy gifts/festival products/ toys and stationary goods in Guangzhou

Debao Trade Wholesale Market(德宝交易市场)

Get in: Bus No.4,8,61, 82,273,243,134,86,244,552
Get off at Yidexi Bus stop(一德西) or Jiefangnan Bus Stop(解放南)

Yide International Toy & Stationery Collectables Plaza(一德谊园精品文具批发市场)
Get in: Bus No. 4,8,61,82,86,243,134
Get off at Yidexi Bus Stop(一德西站)
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