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Guangzhou Top 18 Vegetarian Restaurants


 No1. Pu Tian Yuan

Chinese Name: 普天缘素食

Add: Level 2, Tianhehui Shopping Centre, Tianhe Straight Street, Tianhe District

Tel: 86-20-22023068

Hour: 11:00-14:30 17:00-21:30

Average Cost: RMB 52

Feature: good environment and service.

Signature Dishes:
Shang Shang Qian(上上签)RMB 36 Healthy Soup (保健汤) RMB 6 Fahai Putuan(法海蒲团) RMB 9 Moonlight Lotus-filled Pond (荷塘月色): It is made of lotus root, sweet broad pea and ginkgo Fragrant Taro Rolls(香荔酥卷): Taro fried with flour: a perfect blend of crispy wrapper with tender filling RMB 28
guangzhou putianyuan vegetarian restaurant
guangzhou putianyuan vegetarian restaurant

No.2. Yi Xin Vegetarian Restaurant

Chinese Name: 怡新素食

Add: Floor 4, Zhongtai International Plaza, 161, Linhe Xi Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Tel: 86-20-38310703

Hour: 11:00 - 21:00

Average Cost: RMB 62

Feature: good environment and good service

Signature Dishes: Fried Flour Tastes better than Crab(赛螃蟹); Pumpkin Soup( 南瓜羹) RMB 16; Five Dried Fruits Rice(五仁饭) RMB 28 Dried Bean Curd cooked with Chestnut(腐竹烧板栗); West Lake Vegan Pork Soup(西湖素肉羹)
 guangzhou yixin vegetarian restaurant
guangzhou yixin vegetarian restaurant

No.3. Lotus Benevolent Vegetarian Restaurant

Chinese Name: 莲慈素食馆

Add: opposite of Paomadi Garden, 02-1, 668, Huangpu Da Dao Xi, Tianhe District

Chinese Add:天河区黄埔大道西668号赛马场汽车城东区铺(跑马地花园对面)

Tel: 86-20-22223969 22223830

Hour: 10.00-22.00

Average Cost: ¥48

Feature: You can dine in a quaint environment, and enjoy the soothing Buddhist music. It is one of the upscale restaurants in Guangzhou. The stage is very spacious, suitable for holding a banquet or party. Buddhism scriptures and CDs can be borrowed for free. The owner is a gentleman.

Signature Dishes: Vegetable Pastry(香菜饼) Mixed Seafood Dish (山珍海味) West Lake Carp in Sweet and Sour Sauce(西湖醋鱼)
Lotus Benevolent Vegetarian Restaurant

No.4. SHAMBHALA Tibetan Bar

Chinese Name: 香巴拉素膳茶艺坊素食餐厅

Add: Floor 2, Xingchen Building, 172, Huisui Road, Tianhe District

Tel: 86-20-28869000 28869111

Hour: 10:00- 22:30

Average Cost: ¥76

Feature: The vegetarian dishes here taste fresh and superb. They are not greasy at all. Suitable for party, banquet and dine with family. Privacy is guaranteed.

Signature Dishes: Alfalfa Bud Rolls(苜蓿芽手卷) Skewered Vegetable(上上签) Mushroom(美极杏鲍菇)

No.5. Hong Kong Duobaochu Vegetarian Restaurant

Chinese Name: 香港多宝厨素食

Add: 25,Qiaodong Jie, Jianji Road, Haizhu District

Chinese Add: 海珠区建基路桥东街一巷25号(近红树湾家私)

Tel: 86-20-34281251

Hour: 10:30-14:30, 17:30-22:30

Average Cost: ¥52

Signature Dishes: Bitter Gourd Soup(清香自在) Fu Hai Pu Tuan(法海蒲团) Osmanthus cake (桂花糕) Royal Lotus Root(宫廷莲藕)
Hong Kong Duobaochu Vegetarian Restaurant


No.6. Life Tree Vegetarian Restaurant

Chinese Name: 生机树健康素食

Add: Floor 3, Guang Bai Xin Yi Cheng, 498, Baogang Da Dao, Haizhu District, Guangzhou
Chinese Add: 海珠区宝岗大道498号广百新一城3楼(近江南西路)
Tel: 86-20-84392338
Hour: 11:30-14:30、17:30-21:00
Average Cost: ¥51
Feature: Life Tree is unassuming, but you can feel like in home. It is a tea house-style dining establishment.
Signature Dishes: Pumpking Soup(南瓜羹) Oat Bread( 燕麦包) Fo Fai Wu Bian(佛法无边) Alfalfa Bud Rolls( 苜蓿芽手卷)
Life Tree Vegetarian Restaurant guangzhou


No. 7. Buddha World Vegetarian Community Restaurant

Chinese Name: 佛世界素食社

Add: 2-8, Er Sheng Gong, Milk Factory Street, Tongfu Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhoui

Tel: 86-20-84244376 84407261

Hour: 6:00-11:00(breakfast),11:00-14:30(lunch),17:00-21:00(dinner)

Average Cost: ¥40

Feature: It is very popular among the locals. The dishes have big portions and are well-cooked. The price is wallet-friendly. During the 1st or 15th day of each lunar month, when Buddhists are supposed to eat vegetarian dishes, it is crowded with patrons.

Signature Dishes: Fried noodles or chow mein(炒面), Stewed Mixed Vegetables (罗汉斋), Crispy Fish(脆皮鱼) Smiling Buddha (佛门哈哈笑)
Buddha World Vegetarian Community Restaurant

No.8. Buddha Vegetarian Restaurant

Chinese Name: 佛有缘素食馆

Add: Xingfu New Village, Liwan Road, Liwan District

Chinese Add: 荔湾区荔湾路幸福新村内(荔湾体育馆对面)

Tel: 86-20-81250428 81250619

Hour: 7:00 - 15:00, 17:00 - 22:00

Average Cost: ¥48

Feature: It is located in a nursing home within a community. The interior décor belongs to the 1990s. Be prepared that it can be so crowded that even at 6:30 it is packed with clienteles. The dishes are exquisite.

Signature Dishes: Meiji Vegan Prawns(美极素大虾) Stewed Taro in Coconut Juice (椰汁香芋) Stew Mixed Vegetables( 罗汉斋) Steamed Bean Curd Roll(素鸡)
Buddha Vegetarian  Restaurant guangzhou

No.9. Su He Jing Vegetarian Restaurant

Chinese Name: 素和敬素食餐厅

Add: Floor 3, Guanglian Building, 750, Dongfeng East Road, Yuexiu Disctict, Guangzhou

Chinese Add: 广州越秀区东风东路750号广联大厦3楼

Tel: 86-20-87618853

Hour: 11:30---21:30

Average Cost: ¥52

Feature: elegant, low-key and tranquil are well-fitting words for Su He Jing. The air bears the scent of sandalwood. If you are looking for Southeast Asian flavors, here is the right place. Be prepared for the pungent spicy and sour flavor. The only complaint is every dish is small-portioned, someone complained that they are overpriced.

Signature Dishes: Coconut juice Sago Pudding (雪地开花) Thai Curry(泰皇咖喱) Bean Curd Sheet Rolls Steamed with Ginger(沙姜蒸腐竹) Spicy Stir-fried Okra (干煸秋葵)
guangzhou suhejing vegetarian restaurant

No.10. Zhongyong Su Xiang Ge

Chinese Name: 中庸素香阁

Add: 111. Jichang Road, Baiyun Disctrict

Chinese Add: 白云区机场路111号建发广场首层东侧(近地铁飞翔公园站)

Tel: 86-20-62639886

Hour: not available yet

Average Cost: ¥51

Feature: Stepping into this restaurant, you will feel the unique mix of history and modernity in one place. Willow chairs, Buddha statues, ornate screens and euphonious Buddha music instill character and spirit into this place.

Signature Dishes: Milk Flavor Pumpkin Soup( 奶香南瓜羹) Cheese fried with Chinese Sweet Potato(芝士局番薯) Twice-cooked “Pork” (回锅肉) Alfalfa Bud Rolls(苜蓿芽手卷)
guangzhou Zhongyong Su Xiang Ge

No. 11. Lotus Royal Vegetarian Restaurant

Chinese Name: 莲花御品素食

Add: 16-18, Guanlv Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Tel: 86-20-81849866

not available yet

Average Cost: ¥51

Good environment. The first floor is the dining room, the second floor is the worship hall dedicated to Buddha.

Signature Dishes:
Fahai Putuan (法海蒲团) Dendrobe Pork Strewed with Mushroom(石斛元肉炖猴头菇) Cabbage Borsch Rice Dumpling(罗宋汤饺子) Wheat Gluten(蟠龙面筋)
Lotus Royal Vegetarian Restaurant

No.12. Ya Yun Xuan

Chinese Name: 雅韵轩

Add: 988, Jiefang North Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Chinese Add: 越秀区解放北路988号越秀公园镇海楼旁

Tel: 86-20-83540377

Hour: not available yet

Average Cost
: ¥174

Feature: It is located within a timeworn villa within a heavily wooded park. Artifacts and antique collections can be seen in every nook. It is a perfect place to impress a romantic date or seal a business banquet. If you just want to while away some spare afternoons, heavenly dishes, books or chess game will keep you fully occupied.

Signature Dishes: Fried Taro(莲香四方) Blue Strawberry Juice (蓝莓汁)
Ya Yun Xuan guangzhou vegetarian restaurant

No.13. Su Hui

Chinese Name: 素会

Add: 1, Liuhua Road, Yuexiu District (near West Train Station and Xijaio Building)

Chinese add: 越秀区流花路1号流花湖公园西苑内(近西郊大厦、火车西站)

Tel: 86-20-81827180

10:00-15:00 17:00-22:00

Average Cost: ¥113

Feature: good environment, delicate dishes with fresh, light and heavenly flavor. Every penny spent here worthy it.

Signature Dishes: Egg cooked with Pork(赛螃蟹) RMB 38 Black pepper Beef(黑椒牛柳) Steamed Bun(素会第一包) Mushroom Coated with Sauce(功盖三国)
 guangzhou suhui vegetarian restaurant

No.14 Grand Buddha Monastery Vegetarian Restaurant

Chinese Name: 大佛寺素食阁

Add: 27, Xihu Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou (within Guangming Square)

Chinese add: 越秀区西湖路27号大佛寺内(近光明广场)

Tel: 86-20-83302126

Hour: not available yet

Average Cost: ¥46

Feature: The air of Buddhism is in the air. The waiters with bald heads and yellow robes, look like monks. Patrons are affectionately referred as “brother or sister”. In a word, this restaurant is a caring place where you can feel love and care.

Signature Dishes: Eight Treasure Mushroom(八宝汤铁板双菇) Longevity Noodle(长寿面) Eight Treasure Soup(如意八宝汤)
 guangzhou grand buddha monastery vegetarian restaurant


No. 15.Bodhi Dew

Chinese Name: 菩提甘露坊

Add: within Guangxiao Monastery, 177, Haizhu North Road, Yuexiu District

Chinese Add: 越秀区海珠北路177号光孝寺内(近汉庭酒店)

Tel: 86-20-88901279 81096881

Hour: 09:00-22:00

Average Cost: ¥42

Feature: It is a modern, clean and tidy restaurant. Great emphasis is put on the freshness of ingredients. If you want to sample organic vegan dishes in Guangzhou, and without being poisoned by chemical condiments or MSG, here is the right place for you. Dishes combine exquisite shape and refined flavor.

Signature Dishes: Eight Treasure Soup(八宝汤), Mushroom and Fungus Wrapped up with Tofu(布袋禅机) Sweet Osmanthus Wolfberry Cake(桂花杞子糕) Tofu mixed with Vegetables(八仙过海)
Bodhi DewBodhi Dew
Bodhi DewBodhi Dew

No.16. Shui Yun Tian

Chinese Name: 水云天素食茶馆

Add: 38-42, Jinghui Road, Yuexiu District, (near Guangxiao Monastery)

Chinese Add: 越秀区净慧路38-42号西侧1楼(近光孝寺)

Tel: 6-20-81072463

Hour: 10:00---22:00

Average Cost: ¥43

Feature: Its dishes feature a perfect blend of Sichuan, Guangdong and Hunan flavors. Even the Sichuanese will be impressed by their authenticity

Signature Dishes
: Broccoli Cooked with Tofu (西兰花叉烧) Stir-fried Tofu(铁板豆腐) Wheat Bread(荞麦包) Beancurd Sheet Rolls(腐皮卷)
Shui Yun Tian

No.17 Dream Garden

Chinese Name: 梦幻花园

Add: 1st floor of Guangdong Art Museum, 38, Yanyu Road, Yuexiu District

Chinese Add: 越秀区烟雨路38号南门广东美术馆江堤1楼自编A

Tel: 86-20-87320298

Hour: 10:30am-2:00am

Average Cost: ¥77

Feature: The environment is elegant and new. It mainly serves western dishes.

Signature Dishes: Dream Garden Pancake(梦幻花园薄饼) Cream Salad Shrimp (忌廉素虾沙拉) Tofu and Vegetable with Sarald(卡真素鸡沙律) Rice Noodles with Mushroom(仙境传说)
dream garden vegearian restaurant guangzhou

No. 18. Yi Tian Yi Su Vegetarian Restaurant

Chinese Name: 一天一素

Add: 406, 4th floor of Huayi Lijing Plaza, No28, Jinsui Road, Zhujiang Xin Cheng, Tianhe District (near Xinghui Garden)

Chinese Add: 天河区珠江新城金穗路28号华忆丽晶广场4楼406铺(近星汇园)

Tel: 86-20-38208923

Hour: 10:00-22:00

Average Cost: ¥43

Feature: this place is out of the way. Its surrounding buildings are all closed. It looks like ea ghost house. The dishes are good, but have small amount

Signature Dishes: Mini Mushroom(袖珍菇) Summer Grass Winter Worm Soup(竹荪虫草花汤)
yi tian yi su vegetarian restaurant
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