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Gua sha and Food Therapy

Gua sha and food therapy are another two traditional treatments in Chinese medical care. With a long history, they are proved to be effective and still are popular in today's China.
Gua sha
Speaking of Traditional Chinese Manipulative Therapy, some of them will cause cross-cultural confusion with physical abuse, such as Gua sha(guā shā,刮痧) and Ba sha,especially in Chinese villages. In 2001, there was a Chinese movie called “Gua sha” specially made for clearing up this cultural misunderstandings.
The origin of “Gua sha” came from a medicine classic Shang Han Lun.Like other China's medical sciences, Gua sha also has a profound influence in Southeast Asia, for instance, Vietnam.
Gua sha is kind of simple folk technique to reduce fever, treat fatigue caused by exposure to heat or cold, treat headache, sunstrokes and push sluggish circulation because complex medical diagnosis is not required and it’s safe for common people to use in their daily life. And the tools are also very simple, either china spoon or something with a rounded edge.

Gua sha with a china spoon

Ba sha is very common in small villages

a person's back after the ancient Chinese therapy Gua sha

Food Therapy
Chinese food therapy (Shí Liáo食疗)has a history of more than 4000 years.  It is a practice on behalf of healing through the use of natural foods instead of medications.In Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture, one's natural balance of "heat" and "cold" in a body can cause disease or be more conducive towards sickness. Therefore, the ideas of yin and yang are used in the sphere of food and cooking.
In China, food therapy is particularly popular among Cantonese people who enjoy slow-cooked soups.One of the most traditional breakfast for Chinese people is a rice soup that goes by many other ingredients, we call it congee(粥). Congee recipes vary infinitely, depending upon the desired health benefits as well as taste.And when Chinese people cook chicken or ducks, many Chinese Herbal Medicine will be added, such as Chinese ginseng and sanchi.


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