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Former Residence of Zhang Zongxiang

Former Residence of Zhang ZongxiangZhang Zongxiang (张宗祥, 1882 – 1965), born in Xiashi Town in Haining, was eminent both as a scholar and as a calligraphist. He named himself Enjoyable Curator.

Zhang Zongxiang once acted as an educator in some schools, later held many important governmental offices in educational departments and political committee, and was nominated director of many organizations. His achievements in educational biz of national culture are extolled by everyone. During his lifetime, he devoted himself to copying and checking the ancient books, and the work of supplementary copying of Imperial Collection of Four was led by him in Wenlan Pavilion (文澜阁). It is known to all that he had a profound knowledge of history, calligraphy, paintings, literature, opera, medicine, archaeology, water conservancy and so on. The cultural heritage left by him is regarded as a valuable fortune for humans.

The residence was built in 1934, situated in Cangji Street in Xiashi Town. The main building, a western structure of wood and brick, has two stories with three rooms each. The most width and length are measured respectively 11.85m and 12.9m. Presently, it has been designated as a key cultural relic site under city protection. The new two-storey building by street was financed by government in 1997. In 2000, the related department made an extensive renovation to the residence once again.