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Festivals in Dalian


Dalian’s another attraction is its diversity of festivals. Dalian plays host to many festivals and international activities, such as the International Fashion Festival, the Admiration of Chinese Scholartrees, the Marathon, the Firecrackers and Fireworks to Herald the Spring, and the International Beer Festival. All these activities have drawn numerous visitors from home and abroad.

In February, every Spring Festival, China's most important festival, Dalian's Firecrackers and Fireworks festival attracts many visitors who have come to the city to light firecrackers and eat dumplings. On that occasion, the color-lantern and ice-carving exhibition, fireworks and firecrackers performance, acrobatic show and many traditional dance and drama show are all welcome among the visitors.

In April, Dalian International Marathon Competition is held, the same as track and field as well as football playing is the favorite sports game loved by Dalian People. Since 1987, Dalian begun to host the marathon competition and in 1997 Dalian Marathon Competition agreed by International Association of Athletics Federations became an international sports game.

In May, Dalian International walking festival is hosted. In 2003, Dalian successfully held the first session of International walking festival named after Dalian. Dalian is also the member of International Walking Association and the only city for international walking in Mainland China. Dalian Chinese scholartree-Appreciation Festival is also famous. Dalian traditionally is called Oriental Chinese Scholartree City. Each year in May, the flower is blossoming largely. People can fly a kite during that time.

In August, Dalian Beer Festival is also welcomed. Many performances connected with beer culture are shown at that time.

In September, the Dalian International Fashion Festival features various cultural, tourist, and economic activities, such as evening performances on squares, fashion shows, concerts, young fashion designers' contests, and trade fairs for garments and fashion materials. This festival begun from 1988 and is also called Carnival of Dalian by some foreigners. A lot of world famous stars will give performance or show at the time.







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