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Events & Festivals of Bai People

Events in Dali

Market Fair: an chance to see the various ethnic minorities in Yunnan
On the second, ninth, sixteenth and 23rd day of each month (lunar calendar) is the market day, various ethnic groups will gather in Dali to trade. You can catch a glimpse of the daily life of local people.

Concerts: to hear the beautiful voices of Dali
Music concerts will be held in the cafes and bars from time to time, most of them are free. For your notice, posts will be shown on Renming Road.

Main Festivals of Dali Bai People

March Festival
(Third Month Fair, San Yue Jie)
will be held during March 15 to 21(lunar Calendar) annually in the east Ridge of Zhonghe Peak of Cangshan Mountain. It evolved from a sacrifice event into a trade fair which will attract businessmen home and abroad. Folk sports will be held also, around one million people will participate in this grand economy and cultural exchange event.

Rao San Ling: it is a folk festival prevails among Bai people in Dali to greet their God. With a history of over 1000 years, it often occurs during April 22 to 24. On the first day, Bai people will go to the Three Pagodas and walk around the temples and pay homage to Buddha, the second day will sea their pilgrim to Xizhou Qingdong Cave to worship the Bodhisattva and the third day, they will go to Erhai Lake to worship the Immortals.

Torch Festival: it often occurs on June 25 according to lunar calendar. All the villagers will decorate the trees with red flowers and banners written with auspicious words, aiming to bring longevity and harvest. When the first star appears in the dark sky, they will dance around those trees, with burning torches in hand.

Other Festivals of Bai People (all the festivals take place according to lunar calendar)

In Jan 5th: the Ge Gen Fair (Pueraria Fair,葛根节) will take place in Wenbi Village, north of Dali Ancient city. With history dated back to the 7th century, this festival boasts two main activities: Pereira (a herb) trade and Three Pagodas tour. It also offers people an opportunity to taste the mouth-watering local food and snacks, to buy handicrafts and to join the miscellaneous ethnic groups to tour around Three Pagodas.

In Jan 9th, Song Hua Hui(松花会), Bai People will celebrate the birthday of Yuhuangdadi (The God of Jade Emperor) by thronging into places like the Zhonghe Temple in Dali or Lilong Temple in Weishan Mountain.

In Feb 8th: Yi people will worship their ancestors in Weibaoshan Mountain and from Feb 12th to 15th, the Temple Fair  will take place.

In Feb 28th, Bai people will celebrate the Guanyin’s birthday in Guanyintang Temple. This festival known as Guanyingtang Festival emerged since the 7th century. By now, it has evolved into a comprehensive festival embracing religious, entertainment and trade purposes, and various festivities include singing, dancing and trade will take place.
guanyingtang-festival guanyingtang-festival 3
guanyingtang-festival guanyingtang-festival4

In April 15th, the Butterfly Meeting will take place in Butterfly Spring. Young people will take this chance to seek their soul mates.

In July 1st, the Kai Hai Festival (sea festival,开海节) will occur. This day will mark the legal fishing period in Erhai Lake, it is forbidden to fish in Erhai Lake for the remaining half year. On that day, Shuanglang Town (Double Corridors Town) will see the grand Kai Hai Festival Opening Ceremony and there are the most fresh and various fishes for you to taste or buy.

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