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If you are addicted to Chinese Martial Arts novels, you will probably know Jin Yong, the most influential martial art novel writer in China. Demi-Gods and Semi-Devilshis is one of his greatest works. Being acquainted with that, then you will be sure to know Dali, for one of the main characters Duan Yu, the prince of Dali kingdom lived there. Many visitors come to Dali for nothing other than to relive the journey and the legends that appear in that novel. Once it was the most significant gateway for cultural exchanges and international trade with southeastern Asia. This ancient town has long remained standing in a silent reminder of its past prosperity.


As the capital of the ancient Nan Zhao State and the political, cultural and economic center of Yunnan Province, China's Dali is a place that is sure to make you feel you will truly take a vacation from traveling.


Four elements are the characteristic ingredients of Dali : wind, flowers, snow and the moon. In Chinese these four combine together as an individual phrase to represent romance and love.  It's said that Kwanyin dropped her Wind Bottle in Xia Guan (the Lower Town) of Dali so that the wind is comparatively chilly in winter though it is as warm as spring time in other three seasons. Xia Guan (Upper Down) is famous for its artificial flowers; probably it also means those beautiful minority Bai girls who made the flowers by hand. Cangshan snow never melts even in summer and the moonlights softly touch the Erhai Sea(Erhai Lake). Not far away, there are little boats resting on the sands. Plus, there are countless ancient palaces and temples, which have been well preserved.


The local Bai people's toasting of guests during their traditional Three-Course tea is impressive you when the local toasting the guests. It is traced back to an etiquette here their forefathers to show hospitality during Ming Dynasty. The three-course tea includes bitter tea, sweet tea and after-taste tea which respectively symbolizes hardship, sweetness and finally happiness. The Three-course tea indicates the simple but profound philosophy of life: no pains, no gains. 


dali ancient town

the Entry Gate of Dali


Dali Geography :Taking up an area of 28,500 sq km, Dali nestles is situated at the foot of the Diancang Mountain 400 km west of Kunming. The weather here is spring-like all the year round. Dali is known for its graceful scenery and sights among Chinese. The green mountains are encircled by rivers and the city is surrounded by mountains. The green mountains are found in four seasons. 


Dali Climate:Renowned as the Oriental Geneva by the Chinese, it is gifted with ample sunshine all the year round. It has a sub-tropical monsoon climate with annual 230 frost-free days, sunlight of 200 days and average temperature 15 degrees Celsius.


Dali Transportation: Airplanes actually are not so popular for the low cost and convenience of trains and especially buses. Bicycle and taxi are widely in use by the local people in Dali as well.


Dali People: Dali has a population of 3.19 million, with urban population around half a million. It is a big forge that contains different nationalities: Han, Hui, Bai, Yi and Tibetan; in other words, it suggests the diverse lifestyle here. Bai means 'white' in Chinese so that is why its name come into being. Well-known for their fondness for color white, the Bai people make up 33 percent of the total population. People of Bai Nationality attach importance to education, so those who wear glasses and appear like scholars will be more popular among the local young girls. Much different from other nationalities in China today, women do most of the farm work while men only some housework besides reading and studying. The characteristic colorful national costumes are impressive as well in Dali. When the traditional festivals come around, the vivid and colorful national costumes will surely be a feast for your eyes.



dali people

Dali is mainly composed of minority groups



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