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Dalai Lama VI

Dalai Lama VI (Tsangyang Gyatso,仓央嘉措cāng yāng jiā cuò ), as one of the most  important leaders of Tibetan Buddhism, may be not famous for his religion achievements but absolutely his literature accomplishment, especially his poems which had won universal praise.
When my lovely and kindly classmate Qu sangji, a tibetan girl, gave us a presentation in a literature class during university time, that is the first time I heard of Dalai Lama VI.Thanks to Qu's detailed introduction, we saw an emotional and real  tulku, and were touched by his beautiful poems.
However, when you are traveling in Tibet, have you ever wondered why you can not find a tomb for 6th Dalai Lama? Can we just identify him as a romantic poet? For sure, you and I have curiosity about him, right?

6th Dalai Lama's short life:

In 1682, Lozang Gyatso, the 5 th Dalai lama was died in the Potala Palace on February 25.His trusted disciple Sangye Gyatso,being a regent,  kept his death as a secret and continued to administer affairs of GelugYellow Hats). 15 years later, in the course of pacifying Dzungaria rebel, Emperor Kangxi knew the death of the 5 th Dalai lama accidentally. So he was very angry and wrote to Sangye Gyatso to ask the reason why keeping the death news for such a long time.

On the one hand, Sangye Gyatso said sorry to the emperor; on the other hand, he sent many people to seek the reincarnation. In 1697, Tsangyang Gyatso, the reincarnation was discovered. Tsangyang Gyatso, a Monpa by ethnicity, was born in 1683, twenty-two years of Kangxi(Qing Dynasty), in a family which  believe in Nyingma school (Red Hats).
The regent Sangye Gyatso invited the Fifth Panchen Lama Lobsang Yeshi (1663~1737)to administer the vows of a novice monk on the young reincarnation at Nankartse and named him Tsang Gyatso. In October 25, Tsangyang Gyatso was enthroned as the Sixth Dalai Lama in the  Potala Palace. Although Tsang Gyatso became the leader of the Tibetan religion, it is a pity that Tsangyang Gyatso was just a puppet without real power.  
Actually,6th Dailai Lama became a  sacrifice of the power struggle.Tibet at that time was unquiet in political situation. In 1701, Lhasang Khan, a Mongol king  contradicted sde—Pa Sangye Gyatso. In 1705, Sangye Gyatso bribed a servant in  Lhasang Khan's mansion and asked him to poison his host. Unfortunately, it was realized by Lhasang Khan.Therefore,  a big war between  Lhasang Khan and  Sangye Gyatso broke out. As a result,  Sangye Gyatso was killed. 6th Dailai Lama was reported as a fake reincarnation for his improper behaviour( such as drinking, wearing common people's clothes and meeting girls)  to Emperor Kangxi  by Lhasang Khan.After the request of dethroning Tsang Gyatso was approved, Tsang Gyatso was sent to Beijing. According to <Shengzu shilu>,he was died of illness in Qinghai Lake on the way.

6th Dalai Lama's poem

About the quantity of Dalai Lama VI' s poems, it is a mystery.Tong Jinhua(1928—1989), a pioneer of Tibetan literature study, according to his statistics, there are Lhasa woodcarving edition which including 57 poems, version in Tibetan, Chinese and English which collecting 66 poems translated by Yu Daoquan(an expert in Tibetan and Mongolian language and culture) and Tibetan bureau of culture’s version (66 poems). Meanwhile, it is said that Tsangyang Gyatso wrote nearly 1000 poems without strong evidence.So, almost 70 poems, is a believable answer in the academic area.
There are many disputes about his poem. Are they love poems or Buddhist poems?In my opinion, among a thousand readers, there will be a thousand intepretations of the character Hamlet.The most important thing is we do enjoy the nice words and beautiful rhythm which could provide us a imagination and artistic conception.
At present,his poems are translated into more than 20 languages and are known well in the all globe.

6th Dalai Lama representative work:

第一最好是不相见,(dì yī zuì hǎo shì b xiàng jiàn)           If we were not to meet,
如此便不可至相恋。(rú cǐ biàn bú kě zhì xiàng liàn)         we would not fall in love; 
第二最好是不相识,(dì èr zuì hǎo shì bú xiàng shí )         If we were not in acquaintance,
如此便不可用相思。(rú cǐ biàn bú kě yòng xiàng sī )       we would not be drowned in lovesickness. 

Due to his high reputation in the circle of poem, many peple will collect his poems mistakenly. If you have seen Chinese movie<if you are the one II>(非诚勿扰2 fēi chéng wù rǎo 2), trust me, you won’t forget that beautiful love poem<The Silence of Vadjar Guru Pema /See me or not >,  which was regarded wrote by Dalai Lama VI by mistake.But, indeed, this poem gets immensely popular in China now.

nǐ jiàn huò zhě bú jiàn wǒ


The Silence of Vadjar Guru Pema /See me or not

nǐ jiàn ,huòzhě bú jiàn wǒ 
你见,     或者    不  见  我
wǒ jiù zài nàli
我  就 在 那里 
 bù bēi bù xǐ 
 不 悲  不 喜

nǐ niàn ,huòzhě bú niàn wǒ
你 念,   或者     不   念   我
qíng jiù zài nàli
情    就  在 那里
bù  lái bú qù 
不  来  不 去

nǐ ài ,huòzhě bú ài wǒ 
你爱,  或者    不 爱 我
ài jiù zài nàli
爱 就 在 那里
bù zēng bù jiǎn
不  增    不  减

nǐ gēn ,huòzhě  bù gēn wǒ
你 跟,  或者      不   跟   我
wǒ de shǒu jiù zài nǐ shǒu lǐ 
我 的   手    就 在  你  手  里
bù shě bú qì 
不   舍  不 弃

lái wǒ de huáili,
来  我  的 怀里,
huòzhě ràng wǒ zhù jìn nǐ de xīnli
或者      让     我   住 进 你的 心里
mòrán xiāng'ài  jìjìng huānxǐ 
默然     相爱       寂静 欢喜
See me
or see me not
I’m here
Without tear
or joy

Think of me
or think of me not,
Affection is here,
Despite of the change
of the year

Love me
or love me not,
Love is here,
and won’t my heart sear

come to me
or come to me not,
my hand is here
in yours without fear,

be in my bosom,
or let me live in your heart
silent love, halcyon happy


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