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Classics of China Medicine

Chinese Medicine is very broad and profound.With the continual development of Chinese medical practices, Chinese medical theories also tends to systematization and summarizing. So, a lot of famous and skillful doctors in the history have wrote many Chinese Medicine classics which offered integrated medical theories as well as records of difficult medical cases.  
Looking at these numerous medical works, authorities conclude four that play the most important roles  as the Four Famous Classics of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Huangdi Neijing, Nanjing, Shanghanzabinglun and Shennong bencaojing. Although this saying is controversial but is accepted widely  in the academic world.
During Spring and Autumn Period, ancient Chinese medical scientists compiled the first medical work Huangdi Neijing(English Name: Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor) and borrowed the name from one of Chinese ancestor Huangdi. In the late time, Bianque, the so-called founder of Taditional Chinese Medicine wrote Nanjing(also named Huangdi Bashiyi Nanjing).
 DynastiesAuthors(also famous doctors)Classics/Achievements
the Western Han DynastyChun Yuyi(淳于意) created medical record in China
the Eastern Han DynastyZhang Zhongjing(张仲景)
the Eastern Han DynastyHua Tuo(华佗)
a founder of Chinese surgery;
an inventor of powder for anesthesia;
a creator of five-animal boxing.
the Eastern Han Dynastymany Chinese doctorsShennong bencaojing
Wei-Jin and Southern DynastiesHuangfu Mi (皇甫谧)Zhenjiu jiayi jing
During Sui Dynasty and Tang Dynasty, economy and culture flourished very well which provided the essential conditions for the summary and development of Chinese Medicine. Therefore, based on the overall development of medical theories and pharmacology, Chinese Medicine tended to compile works. As a result, most of the unprecedented medical omnibuses in the history of Chinese Medicine were written at that time, which, of course, influenced the subsequent Chinese medicine greatly.
Dynasties                      Authors                                            Classics/Achievements
the Sui DynastyChao Yuanfang(巢元芳)Zhubing yuanhou Lun
the Tang DynastySun Simiao(孙思邈)Qianjinfang
the Song DynastySong Ci(宋慈)Xiyuanlv
the Ming DynastyLi ShizhenBencaogangmu


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