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Chinese Herbal Remedy For H1N1 Flu

Traditional Chinese herbal medication against H1N1 flu
--recommended by Guangdong Provincial Chinese Herbal Medicine Hospital

The outbreak speed of H1N1 flu (swine flu) is fast and nobody would predict precisely to what extent this H1N1 flu (swine flu) will affect human being's life. In China some hospitals have adopted the traditional Chinese herbal medication to treat this disease and received expected good result. To share this information with all who are concerned with affection of H1N1 flu (swine flu), we present the prescription of Chinese herbal medicine here that was released online by Guangdong Provincial Chinese Herbal Medicine Hospital. This information is purely for your reference and we hold no responsibility for its actual result. The final decision will be made by your local doctor.

Prescription one with symptom of sore throat and heat:

金银花 (Flos Lonicerae / jin yin hua)15g
连翘 (Weeping Forsythia / lian qiao)15g
薄荷 (Peppermint / bo he)10g and the last element to be boiled
荆芥穗 (Spica Schizonepetae / jing jie sui)10g
牛蒡子 (Greater Burdock / niu pang zi)                          15g
桔梗 (Platycodon Root / jie geng)10g
芦根 (Reed Rhizome / lu geng)15g
生甘草 (Licorice Roots Northwest Origin / sheng gan cao) 5g

Prescription two with symptom of heavy cough:

桑叶 (Mulberry Leaf / sang ye)15g
菊花 (Florists Chrysanthemum / ju hua)                              15g
薄荷 (Peppermint / bo he)                    10g and is the last element to be boiled
连翘 (Weeping Forsythia / lian qiao) 15g
芦根 (Reed Rhizome / lu geng) 15g
桔梗 (Platycodon Root / jie geng)10g
杏仁 (Bitter Apricot Kerne / xing ren) 10g
生甘草 (Licorice Roots Northwest Origin / sheng gan cao)5g



Flos LoniceraePeppermintFlorists Chrysanthemum

Flos Lonicerae


Florists Chrysanthemum


 Spica SchizonepetaeWeeping ForsythiaLicorice Roots Northwest Origin

Spica Schizonepetae

Weeping Forsythia

Licorice Roots Northwest Origin


Bitter Apricot KernelMulberry LeafGreater burdock

Bitter Apricot Kernel

Mulberry Leaf

Greater burdock


Platycodon RootReed RhizomeFlos Lonicerae

Platycodon Root

Reed Rhizome

Flos Lonicerae



Remarks: There is also the English translation for each specific Chinese herbal medicine apart from Chinese Pinyin. it is to facilitate the readers who do not recognize Chinese Characters and avoid misunderstanding by any local Chinese herbal medicine store. Also we keep the Chinese version here to make sure that your local Chinese herbal medicine store would not give you any wrong thing. Please consult with your local Chinese traditional medicine doctor for exact dosage and the way to cook them.



Three-Bean Congee Helps preventing H1N1 Virus
– Recommended by Chinese doctor

Taking early measures is important to protect yourself from being affected by H1NI virus. Here is a recipe recommended by Doctor Lin Guohua, the chief physician of No. 1 Affiliated Hospital to Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and also an acupuncture treatment specialist. According to Dr. Lin, the Three-Bean congee made of adzuki beans, mung beans and white hyacinth beans can help to keep off H1N1 flu virus. The recipe is quite simple.

adzuki bean(赤豆 Chi Dou) 30g

mung bean(绿豆 Lv Dou) 30g

white hyacinth bean(白扁豆 Bai Bian Dou) 30g


Cooking Method:
Mix them up and have them washed. Then cook the beans with 500 ml water. When the congee is well-done, eat it with sugar.


Adzuki beans help to increase the excretion of water and toxins from bodies, and reduce congestion and swelling. Mung beans can reduce body heat and remove toxic substances from bodies. White hyacinth beans help to strengthen spleen and decrease body dampness. With the three cooked together, the congee can help to defend your body against H1N1 flu.

adzuki beansmung beanswhite hyacinth beans
Adzuki beansMung beansWhite hyacinth beans


We sincerely wish people around the world would always be healthy and happy!



                                                                                                                         By  Editing Team of  Absolute China Tours



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