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Chinese Culture

China culture is a big hodgepodge of the traditional and modern cultures. People can see commercial high-rise buildings everywhere in metropolitan cities and old houses and cottages in ancient alleys not far away from these skyscrapers. In Chinese minds, especially the elderly and the middle-aged people, the old ideas are still rooted deeply. The younger generation is filled with strong passion in pursuing the new, or to a greater extent, westernized lifestyle and having modernized ideas in love and family relations. However, the Chinese youths' creative power is very strong. They are very outstanding in many fields. The belief that has been followed by the Chinese people traditionally is the Confucius' philosophy, which is to urge people to value importance of family, practice self-restrain and emphasis on hard work. The worship in Confucius had been declined since the beginning of the 20th Century, because the tumultuous time that had made many young people to think twice about their traditional beliefs. At the same time, the Western ideas were coming, which were brand-new things for the Chinese people. The Western scientific achievement and the change of thinking among the younger generations have greatly transformed the ideas in Chinese people's minds, and their behavior as well. However, as the development of China, the traditional beliefs and values are coming back in a silent way these days; people are getting bored with the chaotic modern society and the wasteful lifestyle. More and more people are interested in traditional Chinese culture again. For facilitating more people to learn about China culture, especially the traditional culture, we create this special page and hope it is useful.

 Chinese Art 中國藝術Chinese Food 中國飲食
Chinese ArtChinese Food

       Chinese Calligraphy

       Chinese Painting

       Chinese Musical Instruments

       Chinese Embroidery

       China Top Grottoes


         Food in China

Chinese Tea 中國茶葉
Chinese Medicine 中國醫藥

 Chinese Tea

Chinese Medicine

         Tea in China
          Chinese Medicine
          Chinese Herbal Medication
Chinese Kungfu 中國功伕Chinese Operas 中國戲麯

Chinese Kongfu


Chinese Operas

        Martial Arts Schools
         Chinese Operas
         Jingju Lianpu
Chinese Saints 中國聖哲
Chinese Emperors 中國帝君

Chinese Saints

Chinese Emperors

     Chinese Saints
            Chinese Emperors
Chinese Ceramics 中國陶瓷
Chinese Architecture 中國建築

Chinese Ceramics


Chinese Architecture

        Chinese Ceramics

          Architecture in Brief

          Chinese Classical Gardens 

          Top 10 Chinese Ancient Towns




Chinese Festivals 中國節日
Chinese Religions 中國宗教

  Chinese Festivals

 Chinese Religions

        Chinese Festivals
       Chinese Religions
Chinese Folklores 中國傳說
Chinese Inventions 中國創造

    Chinese Folklores

      Chinese Inventions
       Lady White Snake
       Legend of Liangzhu
       Legend of WangXian Bridge
       Niulang and Zhinv
       Legend of Ji Gong
           Chinese Horoscope
           Chinese Surname
           Chinese Number
           Chiense Wheelbarrow
           Chinese Tofu
           Chinese Silk Road
           Chinese Language
           Chinese Four Inventions
           Chinese Characters
           24 Solar Terms
Chinese Tradition 中國傳統
Chinese Others 廣覽中國
 Chinese Tradition    Chinese Others
         Chinese Philosophy
         Gentleman-Like Plants
         China Scholar Study
         Chinese Mountain Culture
         Chinese Ancient Academy
         Visa Requirement
         Chinese Internet
         Overall China
         China in General
         History of China
         Chinese World Heritage
         Climate in China
         Five Great Lakes
         Yellow River
         Embassies & Consulates
         Electricity in China
         Currency in China
         Chinese Clothes


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