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China Top Miao Villages

5000 years ago, Chiyou, the ancestor of Miao people lost the war against Huang Di, since then they were forced to embark on the epic migration in their own country constantly, all the way from the fertile plain area of Yellow River to the far-flung forests of Hunan, Guizhou and Yuan, and even beyond the border.

They scaled mountains, rivers and valleys on foot, marching towards the horizon where sun sets down, and built hometown there. Miao villages always come in clusters, which indicating their strong bond and unbreakable union. To save arable land, stilt houses clinging to the precipitous slopes are erected, which blend in with the surroundings perfectly.

Miao villages mainly center on Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Prefecture, southeast Guizhou. Plunging into some of them will help you gain insight of their architecture, silver ornaments, embroidery, customs, Reed-pipe singing and dancing as well as various captivating festivals.
 xijiang miao village basha miao village
Embedded along the Leigongshan Mountain of Leishan County, Xijiang Miao Village is the largest hub of Miao people on earth. It is also known as the museum of Miao culture without walls. It is the best place to enjoy the myriad of Miao festivals include Miao New Year and Guzang Festival...
6km from Congjiang County(从江县) is Basha Miao Village, the kingdom of the last gunmen tribe in China. Basha men are easily identifiable for their hairstyles, quaint attires and guns. Half a day’s visit to these “barbarians” will promise you an insight into their primitive lifestyles and the legendary hair-cut process...
 langde miao village zhouxi miao village
Langde Shangzhai: (7km for Leishan County and 29km from Kaili). It is the upper section of Langde Miao Village and the first Miao village opened to tourists. In the third lunar month, Papo Festival(Slope-climbing Festival,爬坡节) will turn this quiet village into a happy land.
Zhouxi Miao Village(20km from Kaili): as the birthplace of Reed Pipe Culture, it is notable for GangnangXiang Reed-Pipe Festival, the biggest one in China. Miao girls here wear short skirts, hence is referred as Short Shirt Miao...
 shiqiao-miao-village shidong miao village
Shiqiao Miao Village:( the outskirt of Danzhai County). Shiqiao Miao Village(丹寨石桥苗寨) is a romantic retreat imbued with magical healing power. Pualine, the heroin of Close to the Sun, fulfilled her journey of enlightenment and gained rebirth here...
Shidong Miao Village: (38km from Taijiang County,台江县). The myth of it lies not in its faded history, but its enticing culture and festivals thriving today. If you want to enjoy Miao embroidery, silver ornaments or join the Sisters’ Meal Festival and Miao Dragon Boat Festival. It is a choice destination.
 datang miao village nanhua miao village
Sexy Short Skirt Miao, Warehouse above Water, Tang dynasty hairstyles, Song style attires...
Nanhua Miao Village (15km away from Kaili). Encircled by giant trees, it shelters one embroidery museum and two Reed-Pipe Dancing Venues. Colorful entertainment and grand greet-greeting ceremony make it irresistible...
 wengxiang miao village Qingman Miao Village
Wengxiang Miao Village(12km from Kaili). Except vegetables and ginger, Miao festivals also thrive here. Reed-Pipe Festival here is a must-see. Bullfighting, birds fighting, bonfire party, singing and dancing will be staged. Rice wine will be in endless supply…Time to get drunk and forget time….
Qingman Miao Village: It is famed as "the Museum of Folklore Handicrafts". Timeworn handicrafts include fabric weaving, embroidery, wax-dye are well-preserved here. Visit any one of the family, you will have chance to observe the whole process of cloth-making.
zhongdong miao villagekongshen miao village
Zhongdong Miao Village: over 70 Miao villagers live in this caveKongshen Miao Village: shirt-skirt Miao girls and Valentine's Day
morong miao villagematang gejia village
Morong Miao Village: an unspoiled paradise true to its pastMatang Gejia Village: see the most peculiar ethnic dresses and crafts of Gejia people
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