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Chinese Painting




Chinese painting as one of Chinese traditional art forms, coming from Chinese calligraphy, is a bridge to show Chinese people’s value in life and nature, individual and collective, internality and externalism. It is subjectively expressing people’s inner reaction towards the whole society. Conventionally, China’s painting is directly connecting with calligraphy. They are integrative. In Chinese people’s thinking, a traditional poet should be of the capability of painting, calligraphy, poem and music. So as one of the basic skills to be an eligible literator, the skill of painting is indeed important.


The painting is the outside expression of the poem content and the image of calligraphy, and it is also the exterior show of people’s inner world. The poem is painting and painting is poem as well. Additionally, many people’s personal ambition or lifelong aim can not be realized by the earthly work, and then the paint their ideal world into their painting. This is one of the origins of Chinese unique painting school, which is literary-painter school. This is a special one only existing in China. Through this artistic form, many expressions on culture could be felt.


In general, China’s painting was flowering after Han Dynasty. During the time of three kingdoms and the period of Wei and Jin Dynasties, it was a process from unification to separation. The instability of politics, the turbulence of society and depression of economy bought the unusual change in ideology. At this time, the ruling class was thoroughly influenced by the Confucianism and the folk ethos was also changed as it went. The troublous society made a good opportunity for religion spread. The urgent demand and extensive acceptance of all walks of life to Buddhism were available. The character painting extremely expanded and developed instantly. Most of the paintings are concerned about the Buddhism and the stories related. In Tang Dynasty, due to the freedom of religion-believing, the Buddhism painting extremely expanded, including most of China’s world-renowned frescos. The most typical and outstanding representative painter in this period was Wu Daozi, who was famous for his character paintings (religion paintings) and paintings on mountains and waters.


In Song and Ming Dynasties, it was the golden time for Chinese paintings. As the flourish of the literature, the painting was also widely welcomed in public. The greatest masters in Song and Ming Dynasties mostly were good at the painting with high-level image. Nowadays it is valued too much! Many schools of paintings were in these periods. Especially in Song Dynasty, there was a very outstanding Emperor was excellent in painting and calligraphy. He created his own painting style and founded the rare royal painting school. However he was not advisable and welcome in politics as an Emperor. In Ming Dynasty, there were also more great painters meanwhile the excellent literators who were tragically failing in royal examination. In China, if you want to understand the painting, you will be learning a little bit about the traditional poem, calligraphy and the exams. Besides, you also should know the general list of Chinese history.



Classic painting  named Luo Shen Fu


Classic painting named Luo Shen Fu


Classic painting named Luo Shen Fu




The painting above is one of China top-ten classic paintings in Chinese ancient days. it is the masterpiece of great painter, Gu Kaizhi, the painter lived in East Jin Dynasty. This long painting is named Luoshenfutu. It is focusing on the goddess of Luo River with the hisotry of more than 1600 years.

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Classic Painting titled Tianwang Songzi Tu



This is the masterpiece created by Wu Daozi who was the great master in Tang Dynasty. He was good at the painting of buddhisitic stories or fairtales. Besides he also did well in emperor painting. He was an outstanding painting on religion. His name is also associated with Taoism. This painting is Tianwangsozitu.



classic painting titled You Chun Tu



This is the masterpiece of Zhan Zixu, another great master of painting in Tang Dynasty. It is also one of China's classic painting of old days . it is focusng on the landscape of their travel destination, when they were visiting in Spring.


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classic painting of Song Dynasty

classic painting of Song Dynasty

This is a rare painting created by one emperor of Song Dynasty.

This is another classic painting of Song Dynasty.



It is highlighted for its historical importance. Painting in Song Dynasty was emphasized incomparably, because the emperor loved painting very much.


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Classic Painting titled Qingming Shanghe Tu



Classic Painting titled Qingming Shanghe Tu



The paintings above are the most famous one in China's history. Currently it is the national treasure.  It was created in Song Dynasty. The painter was Zhang Zeduan.  It was the first painting to depict the daily life of commoners in Bianliang, the capital of Song Dynasty . It shows the prosperity of economy at that time.


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classic painting created in Song Dynastyclassic painting created in Song Dynasty


These two painting are  focusing on the landscape of nature meanwhile also mixed with some painters imagination on thir ideal image. there were both created in Song Dynasty.



 painting created by Tang Ying

Classic painting of Ming DynastyClassic painting of Ming Dynasty


 The pictures above all created by  the literator in Ming Dynasty. Actually it was a progressive way from Tang Dynasty to Song Dynasty.





old painting of Qing Dynasty

old painting of Qing Dynastyold painting of Qing Dynasty

The paintings above generally inherited the traditional features of Ming Dynasty. It is diversified and colorful!  Since Song Dynasty, Chinese culture vividly revealed in the aspect of painting inclined to the elite culture or the elegant literator's taste. These paintings were unprecedentedly popularized in Ming and Qing Dynasties. It was a fashion in pursuit of self-improvement




Traditional Painting pictured by modern paintersTraditional Painting pictured by modern paintersTraditional Painting pictured by modern painters


 The paintings above were all created by modern Chinese painters. They are the authorized representatives of the modern Chinese painting and the leaders of China's art.


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