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China Five Top Ancient Academies


China Ancient Academy also called Shu Yuan is Chinese unique ancient education institution. It was born roughly in Tang Dynasty and thrived in Song Dynasty and popularized in Ming and Qing Dynasties, and in the late period of Qing Dynasty, these ancient academies were restructured to be the modernized colleges or universities (today, a lot of famous domestic universities of China are originated from them, particularly Hunan University which could be traced back to Yuelu Academy). China Ancient Academy exists in China for more than 1000 years. It makes a great contribution to the succession and popularity of Chinese culture as well as diversities of theories and heritages. A lot of ancient saints or sages were educated in such form of educational sectors. China Ancient Academy used to be founded by individuals, and in some dynasties it was owned by states by virtue of purchasing, donation and exchange. Today many people say Europe is the origin land of modern university, it is right, but not absolutely, as to the university education and university mechanism, and Chinese ancient academy is the earliest to carry out the higher education. Because many students of these academies could act as officials when they passed the graduation exams held by government. It largely played the role of raising the elite of society and the leader of the country. Today the most famous ancient academies include: Yuelu Academy, White-Deer Grotto Academy, Songyang Academy, Donglin Academy as well as Guanzhong Academy.
Yuelu Academy Yuelu Academy is the important cultural relic under the state-level protection, and one of the four ancient famous academies in ancient China. The Yuelu Academy (also known as "Yuelu Academy of Classical Learning") is located on the east side of Yuelu Mountain in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, China, on the west bank of the Xiang River. Currently, Yuelu Academy is an important part of Hunan University, exactly the quintessential section of Hunan University as its calling card in China’s educational history...
White-Deer Grotto Academy

White-Deer Grotto Academy(Bai Ludong Academy) is situated on the southern foot of Lushan Mountain of Jiangxi Province. This academy is backing on the mountains and the building groups are surrounded by the ancient trees. During the period of Southern-Tang Dynasty, Bailudong or White-Deer Grotto was officially used for academy, historically called”Lushan-Mountain Guoxue Academy”. It is one of the four greatest academies in China at that time. The others are Yuelu Academy, Yingtianfu Academy and Songyang Academy. It is also one of the Provincial Four Great Academies in Jiangxi, the other three are Bailuzhou Acandey in Ji’an, Ehu Academy in Qianshan, and Yuzhang Academy in Nanchang.

Songyang Academy

Songyang Academy. At the foot of Song Mountain where Shaolin Temple as the cradle-land of Chinese Kungfu is located, Songyang Academy is one of Four Well-known Academies in Song Dynasty. It was built in 484 and called Songyang Temple. It has a history of about 1, 000 years. Many emperors came here in a tour of inspection. In Song Dynasty, It begun being famous when Cheng Hao and Cheng Yu, the representatives of Neo-Confucianism and the creators of Theory of Luo (it is said to be one of the origins of Taiji Kungfu)...

Donglin Academy

Donglin Academy is located in No. 867 on east liberation road of Wuxi city in Jiangsu Province. It is one of China’s famous ancient academic schools. In 1956 it became one of the provincial protection units and in 2006 it also became the national key protection unit. Donglin academic school was established in Song Dynasty. It is place that the authoritative scholars on neo-Confucianism Cheng Hao and Cheng Yu taught their students...

Guanzhong Academy

Guanzhong Academy. Today in Xian, a lot of universities and colleges lie, the most famous ones are surely Xian Jiao Tong University, Northwest Polytechnical University and Northwest University. But 100 years ago, the most famous university in Xian was Guanzhong Academy, which was established in 1609. In Ming and Qing Dynasties, Guanzhong Academy was ranked first in northwest China. Currently, the old site of Guanzhong Academy is Xian Normal School. For more than 400 years, Guanzhong Academy keeps the mission of education. Guanzhong Academy boasts the living ancient academy...



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