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Chengdu Travel tips

Chengdu boasts traditionally Heavenly Region (天府之国) famous as best habitat with high index of sense of happiness. Someone summarizes the life of Chengdu with ease and daily enjoyment in tea-houses. In other words, Chengdu is the teahouse city, and teahouse evidently shows the features and personality of this old city. Westerners may not familiar with Mahjong, which is widely taken as the most welcome and popularized item of leisure. Mahjong unquestionably is an essential part of particular life of local citizens. Furthermore, the local snacks of Chengdu are also one of their prides from their long-standing unique custom and distinctive lifestyles. Diversity of places of interest mostly stimulates and this old but still vigorous city.

Setting off from Chengdu, visitors could visit the fantastic dreamlands subsequently comprised of Jiuzhaigou(九寨沟)---one of World Heritage, colorful Huanglong---Yellow Dragon(黄龙), tranquil Mountain Qingcheng(青城山)---one of World Heritage, Dujiangyan Water Conservancy(都江堰)---Chinese great ancient artificial project and one of World Heritage and well-preserved in Wenchuan Violent Earthquake, Mysterious Grand Buddha Statue of Leshan Mountain(乐山)---one of World Heritage, Buddhist Ray of Jingding or Gold Top of Mountain E'mei(峨眉山)---one of World Heritage, marvelous Sanxingdui Relic Site(三星堆遗址) and world-famous research and breeding base of Giant Panda(卧龙熊猫基地).

Chengdu is the largest transportation hub of flights and land-ways in southwest China. Surely it takes the great advantage of traffic. The flights are easily available between Chengdu and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Lhasa and other many large cities of China. The famous airport of Chengdu is Shuangliu Airport(双流机场,Double Streams Airport translated literally), which is only 16 kilometers away from downtown Chengdu. Trains service also is very handy to a most degree. However, like many other large cities, it is also troubled by two special periods---Chinese Lunar Spring Festival and High Season of Traveling. During these two special times, it is better to book tickets as soon as possible

Chengdu belongs to the climate zone of subtropical monsoon, mainly featured by four different seasons like other typical cities; additionally, Chengdu is more humid and foggy. Hence the best time for traveling to Chengdu is from March to June annually or from September to November accordingly.

Sichuan-style Cuisine is one of China's Eight Top Cuisines. Your arrival in Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan province, you’d best taste diversity of delicious dishes. The representative dishes are Huiguo Rou(回锅肉,a kind of tasty meat), Shuizhui Roupian(水煮肉片,Sliced Meat Boiled in Water), Mapo Doufu(麻婆豆腐,peppery dish mainly with Tofu or Bean-curd, and most welcomed as one way to enjoy Tofu), Bangbangji(棒棒鸡,a special chicken with special cooking way), Qingyang Chaoshou(清扬抄手,an unamed but welcome dish in local), Dandanmian(担担面,a delicious noodle), Dengying Niurou(灯影牛肉 ,a special beef) and so on. Traveling in Chengdu, it is unworthy of traveling if not tasting the local snacks. What's else, westerners deserves tasting Sichuan Hotpot or Chafing Dish or Huoguo, which actually is the brand name of Sichuan-style cuisine. It is vividly featured by its special recipe.

Chunxi Lu(春熙路)
and Yanshi Kou(盐市口) are the most popular commercial zones in Chengdu. Tianfu Square(天府广场) and Zongfu Lu(总府路) are also the alternative to go shopping. The souvenirs of Chengdu are Shujin(蜀锦, a kind of silk craftworks), Shuxiu(蜀绣, or Sichuan-style Embroidery), Zhubian(竹编, or Bamboo-made Craftworks) and Silk Carpet of Qingcheng(青城丝毯). If you prefer taking Tibetan commodities, there is a themed street with relevant products opposite to Wuhouci(武侯祠, or Lord Wu Memorial).

Traveling in Chengdu, the most unforgettable leisure ways are drinking in teahouse and watching Chuanju opera, which are the most ways of leisure of local people. Jingli(锦里)Old Street shows strongly the folk custom of western Sichuan. Bar Street of Yulin Community(玉林小区) is locally famous. There are also many bars on South Renmin Road(人民南路) and Yangshi Street(羊市街).

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