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Changsha Travel tips

Changsha(长沙), the Hunan(湖南) provincial capital is one of the 24 historically cultural cities first listed by China's State Council. During the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046 BC – 771 BC), the city had been the capital of Chu and Han States. Therefore, Changsha collects much invaluable heritage for our generation. The Yuelu Academy(岳麓书院), Kaifu Temple(开福寺) and Tianxin Pavilion(天心阁) are known to many Chinese and Westerners who are interested in traditional culture and architecture. The Mawangdui Han Dynasty Mausoleum (马王堆汉墓) has high historic and archeological values. The Yuelushan Mountain and Orange Island are highlights in the outskirts. Shaoshan is the birthplace of the great Chinese leader Mao Zedong (1893 – 1976).


24 kilometers to city center, the Yellow Flower Airport(黄花机场) is located in Huanghua Town (Yellow Flower Town). Changsha lays the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway Line, most of the south-north direction trains stop over here. Road and water traffics are quite convenient. Changsha port is located along a river that ships can sail to the sea by passing through inland waterways via Nanjing, Shanghai or Lianyungang Port in Jiangsu Province.


Changsha cuisine is hot, spicy and sour. Dong'an Soft Chicken, Steamed Chinese Style Bacon and, if you don't mind about animal protection, dog meat dishes are great here. The popular restaurants mostly located in Steamed Dishes Street of Wu Li Pai (五里牌蒸菜一条街) and Can Street (罐罐一条街). Changsha snacks such as Stinky Tofu, Hunan style rice vermicelli, delicate Shaomai dumplings and wontons might be everyone's favorite.


The bustling place in Changsha is located in the eastern bank of Xiangjiang River (湘江). The Pedestrian Street in Tianxin District, Zhongshan Road, Jiefang Road and May First Road altogether have formed a prosperous business zone. Hunan style embroidery, Changsha stone carvings, chrysanthemum stone carvings, and traditional ceramics and paper cutting, Hunan crispy cakes and Baisha liquor are the shopping foci in the city. Changsha is also a city of Chinese fireworks, many products to be fired during the Chinese New Year festival celebration all over the China are from Hunan Province.


Sound of Nature(Tian Lai Cun, 天籁村) is a large, well-known Performing Arts Bar in downtown Changsha. There are a few new bars opened in Jiefang West Road, too.

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