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Buniantu(步辇图,bù niǎn tú ), in englsih, Painting of Emperor Taizong Giving Audience to an Ambassador of Tibet belongs to figure painting in Tang Dynasty, and now,as Yan Liben's representative work, it is one of the top ten famous paintings in Palace Museum. The whole painting with smooth lines,  magnificent colour and  irregular composition of a picture had left precious historical and art values.

Painting of Emperor Taizong giving audience to an ambassador of Tibet, Silk scroll

Content of Buniantu
Based on the history event that the King of Tufan(now Tibet)Srongtsen Gampo and Princess Wencheng of Tang Dynasty united by marriage, the well-known painter described that a Tufan’s military officer or an ambassador of Lu Dongzan(禄东赞) came to greet Princess Wencheng.On the right, Emperor Tang Taizong was clustered round by maids;while,on the left,the first person was the Marshal,and the second one, his dress told us he was Lu Dongzan from Tufan, then, the third person was the translator.
Background of Buniantu
A.D.640 (the fourteenth year of Zhenguan, in Tang Dynasty), the King of Tufan(now Tibet) sent Prime Minister Lu Dongzan as a leader to Tang for seeking a marriage alliance and they arrived in Changan( capital at that time) in 641. At that time, the Empire Tang was prosperous and the people were at peace, and the most important thing was all ethnic groups lived on a friendly terms.Therefore, other five ethnic leaders were strong competitors to Srongtsen Gampo. Under an equal test, Lu Dongzan overcame all the difficulties in the way and got the victory. 
Artistic Value of Buniantu
From the point of painting skill, the skill of Buniantu’s painter is quite practiced.The ink outlines of garments’ grains are diverse. Sometimes, it’s smooth and sometimes it pauses. The behavior and expression of main characters are vivid. Yunran(晕染) is used in some parts of the painting, such as the wrinkle of boots are full of third dimension.
Speaking from the color, the described scene is happy. According to the tradition, color “red ” always be used as the keynote. In order to stress this custom, the first person on the left is in red. And Tang Taizong is in yellow which is the only suited color for kings in China. In addition, it’s really lonely just only one person in red and  it cannot show out the happy atmosphere. So, the painter uses garments of maids skillfully.


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