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Black Tea

While green tea is the most popular tea variety in China, black tea represents approximately 80% of the tea produced worldwide. It is the most commonly consumed in Western populations.

Before modern means of transportation was developed, black tea, often in the form of compressed tea-bricks, rather than green tea, had long been an article of trade on the Silk Road. The reason is green tea usually loses its flavor within a year, while black tea retains its flavor for years.

In Chinese, black tea is known as 红茶 hong cha, meaning red tea. This refers to the red color of the liquid. “Black tea” refers to the color of the dried tea leaves, which have been processed by totally oxidizing the bud leaves of Camellia sinensis (while green tea does not undergo any oxidation in manufacture).

The health benefits of black tea differ from those of green tea. More complex flavonoids, specifically thearubigins and theaflavins (both powerful antioxidants) are formed during the processing of black tea leaves. A direct relationship is established between increased black tea consumption and a decrease in cardiovascular disease, especially coronary events. The abundance of antioxidants contained in black tea is helpful in the treatment of many dysfunctions from brain injury cases to hearing loss.

The four major black teas worldwide are:
    Keemun, in Anhui, China
    Darjeeling, India
    Yva, Sri Lanka
    Assam, India
Health Benefits of Black Tea, China Tea CultureHealth Benefits of Black Tea, China Tea Culture
Keemun, Anhui
The best known black tea in China. Often used to entertain state guests. Fruity aroma, with hints of pine, dried plum and floweriness.
Tanyang Gongfu, Fujian
The king of Fujian black teas. One of the three Famous Fujian Reds.
Most Famous Black Teas in China, China Tea CultureHealth Benefits of Black Tea,
Zhenghe, Fujian
One of the three Famous Fujian Reds.
Bailin, Fujian
One of the three Famous Fujian Reds.
Keemun black teaKeemun
Jiuqu Hongmei, Hangzhou
Tight fishhook-like leaves. Brightly reddish infusion and a long smooth aftertaste.
Zhengshan Xiaozhong, Fujian
A strong smoky flavour.


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