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Mongolian Hot Pot




Mongolian Hot Pot, also well-known as mutton hotpot, initially appeared in early time of Qing Dynasty and went widely popular after Manchu army beat Ming's army and passed the Shanhai Pass in 1644. Early in the 18th century, Emperors Kangxi and Qianlong are catered in many delicious foods, and the Mongolian Hot Pot was in the dishes for the treatment. later, the Mongolian Hot Pot also became popular in Muslim restaurants or families. According to the Stories of Peking, the Mongolian Hot Pot was usually taken in the winter, due to its coldness, people prefer to eat such kind of hot food together for leisure, happiness and business. In 1854, Zhengyang Restaurant was open outside Qianmen in Beijing and became the first Han restaurant offering Mongolian Hot Pot. In this restaurant, the mutton was sliced "as thick as a paper as complete", which totally raised its reputation and widely welcomed in Beijing. As these efforts, it gradually became the commoner's love and one of most popular foods in Beijing.  



-- 6 cups lamb or chicken stock
-- 1 tablespoon dark soy sauce
-- 1 slice ginger
-- 2 green onions
-- 3 lb boneless lamb
-- 1-2 cakes bean curd
-- 1 lb green vegetable, such as Chinese cabbage, bok choy, or spinach
-- 3 1/2 ounces bean thread (vermicelli) noodles
Seasoning: sesame paste, dark soy sauce, tuber onion paste, Artemia oil, coriander, chopped fistular onion

Preparation and procedures:

Cut the lamb into paper thin rectangular slices. Slice the bean curd.

Wash, drain, and chop the vegetables while water boiled in the hot spot, lay the lamb, chopped vegetables, cooking wine, mushroom, refined salt, fistular onion, and ginger.

Place sesame paste, salt fistular onion, bean curd, cooking wine, spicy oil, Artemia oil and sweet garlic in proportion preferred and other side dishes on separate platters on the table.

Bring the broth with the dark soy sauce to a boil, and add the ginger and green onion. Transfer enough broth so that the hot pot is approximately 2/3 - 3/4 full. (How much broth you need will depend on the size of the hot pot).

Place the hot pot on the burner, and keep it simmering throughout the meal. Keep the remaining broth warming on the stovetop.

To serve, invite guests to spear the food with a dipping fork and cook briefly in the broth until cooked, then dip the cooked food in the sauces as desired.

Use a dipping basket to cook the vegetables in batches in the hot broth and ladle out into the soup bowls. Cook the noodles and serve at the end of the meal.


This is the main procedure of cooking, it looks very simple. in fact, it needs a long-term practice and making for familiarization. if you making hotpot firstly following this ingredients. perhaps you are not pleased its taste, after you finished.  Why there are so many restaurants  so popular and hot like hotpot, because their experience and secrets other than these materials and procedures.


Sichuan Hotpot is also famous all round China, it is not only for its mutton hotpot, but also it is also popular for its other local but welcome hotpots. In Beijing, Sichuan hotpot is also very famous as Manchu hotpot.



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