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Beijing Transport System

Beijings Capital International Airport has connections to nearly every major city in the world and daily flights to and from all major cities in China. It is the central hub for transportation within China. 
The airport is located in an urban area roughly 30 kilometers northeast from the city center. Buses run frequently, going to and from multiple destinations within the city, and fare is Y16. By car, the airport is about 20-30 minutes from the city. Taxis to the city should cost around Y80, including a Y15 expressway toll.  
Traveling by train within China is affordable, fun and relatively easy to figure out. Beijing railway station is located south of downtown, and connects easily with both the subway and bus systems. Tickets are purchased in the station - no more than 12 days before departure C and the crowds can be terrible, so be ready! Beijing is the national railway hub C linking travelers to countless destinations within China. There are three basic types of train tickets: hard seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper. For long-distance trips, travelers should use soft or hard sleepers, settle down and enjoy the trip. 
public transportation
system is relatively perfect, as it provides a wide variety of lines and bus fares are relatively inexpensive. However, the system slows to a crawl when driving conditions worsen due to weather and congestion. Morning and evening rush hours create especially crowded buses, so tourists should try to avoid traveling during these times. Also, overseas visitors in Beijing using city buses often cannot understand the thick accents
of the bus conductors. They need to pay special attention to make sure they get off at the right stop. The best way
is to ask the conductor or other passengers to tell you when you get to your desired stop. At present, governmental policymakers have issued the policy of City Bus Priority, as the gradual perfection of city bus system, more and more people will enjoy the convenience of bus, so more and more people are willing to take bus for outing.  
Though often crowded, perhaps the best way to travel around Beijing is by subway. It operates every day from around 5 AM to 11 PM. The Beijing Metro has four lines: Metro Line 1, Metro Line 2, the Batong Line, and Metro Line 13 (LRT).  Metro Line 13, the light rail, connects to many parts in the north of Beijing. Line 2 goes through Xizhimen, Fuxinmen, Hepingmen, Beijing Station and many other places. 
Beijing is at the center of a system of 12 national highways connecting the c
apital with other major cities in China. There are 12 long-distance bus stations located in Beijing which correspond with the directions they travel. For instance, the bus to Harbin, a major city in the northeast, can be found in the northeast part of the city. Beijing itself has 9 expressways, included the airport expressway.  
The three-wheeled motorcycles are a popular form of transportation-for-hire
throughout Beijing. With this bumpy method of getting around, two passengers sit behind the driver in a little buggy. Motor-taxis are a convenient and fun way to go sightseeing - though not recommended for long trips as it can get a little uncomfortable. Theyre usually found at metro stations, in the city center, and in popular tourist destinations. In heavy traffic, theyre often more efficient than taxis because they can thread through lines of cars and trucks, drive in bike lanes and through small alleys. 
China is usually crowned as the kingdom of bicycle. You can see that via civilian's daily life by bikes. Due to the convenience and cheapness of bike, many people prefer to ride bikes to go to work. Recently, the worsening of Beijing traffic has brought the welcome and popularization of bike among working people. Furthermore, for relieving the environmental burden and follow the slogan of Green Olympics and Environmental Protection, many people try to choose bike for their transport vehicle. On the other hand, riding bike also becomes one typical attraction wherever you go in Beijing. Thanks to the support of government, many favorable policies have been implemented to encourage people into choosing bikes for daily life. It is a better way for bettering Beijing's environment and changing the bad condition of Beijing traffic system. Nowadays, many young people even consider riding bike to be a kind of fashion to show their difference and personality. 


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