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Chinese architecture is one beautiful branch of the civilization tree of China. Chinese architecture was one of three worldwide architectural systems. It is in the same level with western architecture and Islamic architecture.

Chinese architecture is only architecture style characterized of its wood structure and raw material.
Chinese architecture is based on the depth of culture and tradition. The predominant features of Chinese characters as follows:
1. The top achievement in palace building and city programming highlights the royal authority and social status
2. Combinatorial beauty of the architectural group is especially emphasized, or the mid-axis is used to divide the architectural group scientifically. 
3. The highly harmoniousness is also highlighted between human and nature to show respect to nature.  
4. The pursuit for the means, amiability,connotation and the rational and philosophical beauty.
Chinese architectural art is the exhibition of Chinese ethics, aesthetics, and values. 
In the long-standing process of development, Chinese architecture is always keeping its own individual independence. Seen from the whole process of history, it is roughly divided into three phases: its growing period from Shang Dynasty to Han Dynasty and its golden time is in the period from Tang Dynasty to Song Dynasty. Its summarizing period appears in Ming and Qing Dynasties. The architecture of Chinese minority is also featured of the sparkling side. It diversifies the whole appearance of Chinese architectural system, especially the Tibetan style, Dai-style and Dong style.  
Chinese architecture has a predominant impact on the architectural style of Japan, Korea and Vietnam and Mongolia. The majority of Chinese traditional architecture is architecture created by Han ethnic. Mainly include: city, palace, temple, Mausoleum, tower, grotto, garden, folk public building, prince mansion, pavilion, great wall and the bridge.
In general, in the ancient world, there were roughly seven chief independent architectural styles. The architectures such as ancient Egyptian architecture, ancient west Asian architecture, ancient Indian architecture and ancient American architecture all died out as the time went. There are only Chinese architecture style, European architecture style and Islamic architecture style holding the human architecture world. Among them, Chinese architecture is always the gem of the world architectural system.


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