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Huangmeixi Opera

Huangmeixi Opera is a major local opera in Anhui province of China. It is widely welcomed in Huibei province, Jiangxi province, Fujian province, Zhejiang province, Jiangsu province and Taiwan province as wellas some parts of Hong Kong. The original name of Huangmeixi is Huangmeidiao(in Chinese,黄梅调 ). It was the local folk songs or voices sung by refugees or beggars. They performed the opera for survival. It is firstly appeared in Huibei province, and later a part of the performers came to Anqing, and combined with the local performance style. It finally formed its own characteristics.

Huangmeixi opera is highly emphasized in Anhui province; most of its performance reflects the reality of sharply different living between the poor and the rich. The famous masters or performers of Huangmeixi opera are Yan Fengying, who was a nationwide star when his representative opera film Tianxianpei (天仙配) was absolutely successful in mainland china and Hongkong, but she died at a young age during the Cultural Revolution, Wang Shaofang, who was a marvelous male performer and contribute too much for Huangmeixi Opera development, and Five Gold Flowers:Ma Lan (the wife of Chinese famous cultural learner and famous writer Yu Qiuyu) , Wu Qiong, Yuan Mei, Wu Yaling and Yang Jun ( in Chinese  马兰、吴琼、袁玫、吴亚玲 、杨俊).

The famous representatives are Tianxianpei, Nvfuma, Niulangzhinv, Huangshanqiqing and other short but widely sung in the public. 




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