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  • Hard seat (Yingzuo, YZ): This is the cheapest way to travel.There are 110 seats per car.
  • Soft seat (Ruanzuo, RZ): This class is not often available.
  • Hard sleeper (Yingwo, YW): This is a sleeping car, for both day and overnight travel. 6 beds per compartment and 66 beds per car. The "compartments" are open to the passageway
  • Soft sleeper (Ruanwo, RW): 4 beds per compartment, with each compartment being separate

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Stations for Train D5472

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(Price in RMB)
Train number Station times Station Name Arrival time Drive time Staying Running time Distance(km) Hard Sleeper(up/middle/down) Soft Sleeper (up/down) Second/First Class

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