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Yunnan, a land of natural wonder and ethnic glamour, combines the best of southwest China. Dramatic landscape coupled with the most colorful ethnic culture makes it a Holy Grail, irresistible to thrill-seekers, pilgrims and soul explorers.

It is a land of contrasts and diversity. From snow-capped peaks to wildlife infested rainforest, from Three Parallel Rivers to steamy volcanic hot springs, from awe-inspiring gorges to labyrinth underground rivers and caves, from breathtaking rice terraces to weathered towns and villages, Yunnan holds an immediacy and vibrancy that captivates and enchants.

A journey to Yunnan can be a visual feast, a romantic interlude, an enlightening cultural affair, or a physical challenge adventure. It depends on what you are seeking after. Stroll along the alleys of the Old Town of Lijiang and enjoy the heavenly Naxi Ancient Music, visit Baisha to unravel Dongba culture, hike to Three Parallel Rivers, Tiger Leaping Gorge or Jade Dragon Snow mountain, demystify the famed Walking marriage in Lugu Lake, take photos in Stone Forest, Dongchuan Red Land, Yuanmou Earth Forest, Luliang Sand Forest and Luoping, join in Water-splashing festival and Torch Festival as well as kill time in Xizhou, Jianshui to sample the splendid folk residences are must-dos.

Yunnan, a center of Chinese ethnic groups, and the highlighted destination for minorities trip in China. Yunnan tours comprised of Yunnan private trips and tour packages are well promoted. The affordable prices and the unbeatable values deserve your attentions and try.
7 Days Lijiang and Shangri-la Essence Join in Tour
7 Days Lijiang and Shangri-la Essence Join in Tour
from US$ 608 p/p
This Yunnan join in tour offers you a pretty good opportunity to touch the classic Yunnan including the most popular attractions of Lijiang and Shangri-La. Based on the western tourists' preferences, the exotic sightseeing and cultural items are well-arranged in the itinerary. So, don’t hesitate to ...
6-Day Lijiang-Shangri-La Sightseeing & Trekking Tour
6-Day Lijiang-Shangri-La Sightseeing & Trekking Tour
from US$ 544 p/p
Deeply explore Lijiang and Shangri-La in Yunnan is considered as one of top highlights in Yunnan. The magnificent Tiger Leaping Gorge is popular for hiking to touch the amazing beauty of great nature while the UNESCO heritage Lijiang ancient city as well as the Tibetan culture of Shangri-La all ...
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