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Family Vacation in China

What we can offer?

Family Vacation in China
  • -Safety baby seat equipped for your baby.
  • -Caring female guides in the whole trip.
  • -Swimming pool in the hotels.
  • -Kids interesting activities.

Kids friendly activities

Beijing-Great Wall camping

Beijing-Great Wall camping (2 days)

The special tour is normally combined with the normal tour in Beijing. The tour is supposed to start from the afternoon. The camping location is at the famous Jiankou Great Wall which has less visitors. You will have the chance to enjoy the fantastic sunset, fun of camping,sunrise and the walking on the Great wall with your family. We also prepare 1 easy BBQ dinner and 1 basic western breakfast for you.
Beijing- Making dumplings

Beijing- Making dumplings

Dumpling is one of the most popular food in China among the old and young. An local dumpling master will teach you how to make the traditional Chinese food from the beginning to the end. It a good way to improve your relationship with your family while doing the same thing together.
Yangshuo- Bamboo rafting on Yulong River

Yangshuo- Bamboo rafting on Yulong River(around 70-90 min)

With a total length of 43.5km, Yulong River is the longest branch of Li River, flowing through 5 towns and over 20 villages in Yangshuo. It features the natural views, clean water and quite countryside life etc. Hence it is called “Little Li River” You will take a leisurely and interesting bamboo rafting down the Yulong River, enjoy the fun of water activity with your family.
Shanghai-Disneyland Park

Shanghai-Disneyland Park(1 day)

As the sixth Disneyland park in the world, Shanghai Disneyland Park will be officially opened in June 16,2016. It is a fun experience filled with creativity, adventure and thrills. The park includes 6 unique and unforgettable lands: Mickey Avenue, Gardens of Imagination, Fantasy land, Adventure Isle, Treasure Cove and Tomorrow land. Enjoy a pleasant day with your kids in the park.
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Top Family Tours

12 Days Beijing-Xi’an-Guilin-Shanghai-Hong Kong tour

Adult price from 2,370 USD per person

Kid price from 1,660 USD per person

Adult from 2,370 USD p.p.

Child from 1,660 USD p.p.

Highlights of the tour:

  • -Visiting five most visited cities of China.
  • -Touring the most famous cultural and natural sites in China.
  • -4 local specialty meals for the family.
  • -6 kids interesting activities.

14 Days Beijing-Xi’an-Jiuzhaigou-Chengdu-Gulin-Shanghai tour

Adult price from USD 2,690 per person

Kid price from USD 1,890 per person

Adult from 2,690 USD p.p.

Child from 1,890 USD p.p.

Highlights of the tour:

  • -Visit the 4 mostly visited cities of China.
  • -The fairyland Jiuzhaigou Valley.
  • -Lovely Giant Pandas.
  • -Giant Buddha in Leshan.
  • -4 kids interesting activities.

11 Days Beijing-Xi’an-Zhangjiajie-Shanghai tour

Adult price from USD 1,720 per person

Kid price from USD 1,210 per person

Adult from 1,720 USD p.p.

Child from 1,210 USD p.p.

Highlights of the tour:

  • -Visit the 3 most popular cities of China.
  • -The exploration of “Avantar” tour in Zhangjiajie.
  • -Enjoy the bird view of Shanghai on Oriental Pearl TV Tower.
  • -Unique experience of Maglev Train ride in Shanghai.

5 Days Beijing city tour with Jiankou Great Wall Camping

Adult price from USD 595 per person

Kid price from USD 445 per person

Adult from 595 USD p.p.

Child from 445 USD p.p.

Highlights of the tour:

  • -Leisurely walking on the Great Wall.
  • -Unique experience of camping on the Great Wall.
  • -The chance to enjoy the sunset and sunrise on Great Wall.
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