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Kunming - Jianshui - Mengzi - Mile

Description :Yunnan is a melting pot of Chinese minority nationalities.This 8 days discovering tour will bring you a chance to experience and appreciate the authentic minority ethnice life in Yunnan as well as the fantastic natural Karst landforms.If you are a tourist interested in customs of ethnic groups, then you will gain what you need from this fabulous tour.
Tour Code : YN-201304
Price : from US$1701 p/p
Departure Date : flexible

Day 1

Kunming -> Jianshui   (No meal included)

Upon your arrival in the Spring City Kunming, your local tour guide and driver will meet tou at the airport and then drive you to Tonghai County(1.5 hrs). Here, you will visit June 1st village where a group of women with bound feet are still alive. After that, drive 2 hrs to Jianshui County.As a cultural center of southern Yunnan, Jianshui saw the fusion between Han Chinese culture and the culture of the local ethnic groups in the border regions.

*Explore: foot bindings is kind of corrupt custom in ancient China. And bound feet are considered as the symbol of the beauty which can help female make a more prestigious marriage. Usually, young girls aged between 2-5 statted to bingding feet before the arch of the foot had a chance to develop fully.However, it is a torture to female both in physical and mental way.Therefore, it was banned in 1912. But female in this village still cannot escape the torment at all.

Stay overnight at  Jianshui Hotel ( 3 star)

Day 2

Jianshui -> Mengzi   (B, L, D)

After breakfast, you will visit  The Confucius Temple firstly. It is the largest of its kind in southern China, second only to those in Qufu and Beijing in terms of scale. Renovated and expanded for over fifty times since its erection, the Temple now covers an area of 7.6 hectares. And its style, layout pattern and architectural standards as we see today are a complete duplicate of the Confucius Temple in Qufu. The palatial building complex is perfectly symmetrical over the north-south axis, thirty-seven major structures (pond, halls, pavilions, gates, courtyards, memorial temples, archways, etc.) being arranged on both eastern and western sides. The well-coordinated structure and magnificent appearance gives a solemnity to the whole Temple.
After that,  head for  the Double Dragon Bridge which  is a masterpiece among ancient bridges in China. Then visit The Zhu´s Family MansionTuanshan Village and Family Zhang´s Courtyards and Garden.  All of them are enlisted in world´s most endangered sites. Drive to Mengzi in afternoon.
*Explore: Confucius, ancient Chinese artchitecture

 Stay overnight at Guanfang Hotel  ( 5 star) 

Day 3

Mengzi   (B, L, D)

Get up early this morning and be sent to Guangnan County( 6 hrs). Today, the journey might be a little tired because you might have a lot of time on the way. But this is also the meaning of traveling, right? Spending a long time and explore the fantastic things.
Bamei village is sheltered by many mountains.Known as one of the most isolated communities of Zhuang minority, Bamei seems full of mystery.The only way connecting the Bamei Village and the Outside is River Bamei  which crosses a cave with  800 meters  in length. Taking a boat acrossing the cave just like passing the time tunnel. End of the cave, a ray of lighting throws into your eyes and a broad rurality  view will displayed in front of you.

Stay overnight at local Best Guest House

Day 4

Mengzi   (B, L, D)

Staying in a local guest house, you might wake up with the crowing of chicken and baraking of dogs. Anyway, it is a local village expeirence and you might like it. Today, you are going to spend almost  the whloe day here to discover this mysterious and amazing small minority ethnic village. Welcoimed by the Zhuang people and spend time with them to get to know their life and customs.
In the later afternoon, drive back to Guangnan.( 1.5 hrs)
*Explore: Bamei Zhuang village

Stay overnight at Guangnan Shiwataoyuan Hotel(4 star)

Day 5

Mengzi   (B, L, D)

Today you are going to spend 4- 5  hours drive  from Guangnan to Puzhehei area(Qiubei County)----"a  placel full of fish and shrimp" in the Yi language. With more than 300 isolated peaks, 80 Karst caves and lakes scattering around,  it is an ideal place for appreciating  the karst landscape. You will take a small wooden boat tour ( 3hrs) on the lakes and finding yourself surrounded with full-blown lotus. Out of the lotus pool, another charming scenery will catch your eyes. Many minority groups are living here but the main one is Yi people.Tonight enjoy a bonfire party with friendly Yi people.

*Explore: karst lakes, peaks and caves; Yi people and their customs

Stay overnight at Puzhehei Dujia Hotel ( 3 star)

Day 6

Mengzi -> Mile   (B, L, D)

After enjoying breakfast, you will be driven for about 3 to 4hrs to Mile County. Mile sharing the same name as  Maitreya which makes this small county more special. Besides the unique name, her red wine gains better reputation,too. It is knownwell as "the  town of  red wine".Today, you will visit Yunnan Red Wine Vineyard and taste red wine there. If time permits,  you will go to Keyi ( 30-40 mins) where the Axi Tribe holds a memorial ceremony for the fire.Then back to your hotel in Mile.
*Explore: red wine, Axi Tribe

Stay overnight at Mile Graden Hotel( 3 star)

Day 7

Mile -> Kunming   (B, L, D)

This morning, you will be picked up at your hotel and begin to visit Stone Forest. Lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon, drive to Kunming.
Located in Yunnan Yi Nationality Autonomous County, the Stone Forest is about 70 kilometers from Mile. It covers an area of 400 square kilometers (96,000 acres). It has long been one of the most famous scenic spots in China, at least since the Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644 A.D. The Stone Forest is divided into several scenic areas with names like Greater Stone Forest, Lesser Stone forest, Outer Stone Forest, Underground Stone Forest, Stone Forest Lake, and Da Dieshui Fall. The Stone Forest was formed by karst two million to thirty million years ago. It contains peaks, pillars, stalagmites, depressions, underground rivers, and caves. The fantastic stone pinnacles rising abruptly from the ground resembles a huge dense forest.
*Explore: beautiful Karst landform and legend of Yi girl Ashima

Stay overnight at Kunming Enjoying Hotel( 4 star)

Day 8

Kunming   (B)

Free until be transferred to Kunming airport for your flight  home or your next destination.

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